Huge Instagram Round Up

Hi guys
today I have a huge Instagram Round Up for you. As you all know I was moving the last week and I nearly hadn´t got time to make any pictures – first of all because I couldn´t find the camera between all the boxes and second I hadn´t got any time to do anything else than unpacking – just wanted to get rid of the boxes and of all the chaos in here.

So here  are some of my recent outfits and beauty products I have tried out or I am currently using:

Had worn this on the weekend last week. Just for coffee and sitting arround and talking with some of my friends.
The bag is one of my first designer bags from Donna Karan and I still love it. The zipper details on the bottom and on the sides are super extraordinary. And I like the golden hardware of it a lot too.

Had worn this ouftit on the most warmest day of this week. I had been so happy about this day so  I opened my t-shirt closet and took out this sheer in the front and off – shoulder shirt. That was such a nice and fresh look for spring. (It rained on the next day and was very cold)

Had posted this on Instagram after I decorated my living room for a little shabby chick decoration inspiration.
I am totally in this kind of decoration lately.

So here we are – Pink is my most favorite spring color. It is fresh and neon and it is almost as shiny as the sun. I am liking this a lot. Haven´t worn it that often in the past because a lot of people said I looked like a Barbie – but I really don´t care about that anymore.

I am wearing my Chucks because I had to get a lot of stuff for the house on that day and I thought those might be more practical than heels and in fact they really where cause that was a looooong day.

Just had to post this picture of my new hand lotion from Abbott & Broome.
I am totally into their stuff. 99 % of every smell they make is absolutely awesome.
And they are really cheap with about 2 Euro for every hand lotion or hand soap. This one became my new favorite. It is a brand new fragrance so let´s see what´s coming next.

Another outfit inspiration for a day with mixed up weather – sunny, windy, rainy, hot and cold – I took velvet slippers cause they are super comfortable and a destroyed pair of jeans to keep it casual. It had also worn my favorite off-white knitted cardigan – totally obsessed with this one – over my Guess T-shirt. 
The handbag is also Guess but a really old one. But in my opinion the white and grey color combination with the drawn on flowers makes it a perfect spring bag plus the cute cherry tag.

Waited so long to wear those kind of tunics again. Embroidered and bell sleved 🙂
What do I have to say more.
Paired it with a dark blue treggins from Hollister and golden jewelry. The flowery shoes and bag did round up the spring look totally.

Here is one of my older outfits that hadn´t been to a Round up yet. Had worn this on a casual friday to work.
The orange Handbag added the perfect pop of color.
Kept the rest pretty simple. 

This was the first day this year I had recognized that winter might be over – it was sunny and warm outside and I got such a happy feeling and excitement that it is getting warm again – so I totally got into kind of a pink mood.
That is what came out with this – Coastal Scents Lip Palette, Rose flavored hand creme and candle.

Ordered another handbag from LYDC London I am totally satisfied with this brand. The quality is pretty good and they such a variety on different styles, types and colors on handbags. It really is worth to take a look at their stores.

Still loving those coffee cups. They look so totally Artdeco and I am loving the different patterns in black and white on every single cup with a different pop of color on each.

Had written about those earlier on the Easter Table Deoration Ideas Post.

Had worn this on a lazy day out for breakfast. It is a nice combination – a pair of jeans, booties, of course there has to be at least one piece with a pattern in this outfit, and a matching scarf because it was a little chilly outside. And of course the only bag I had at this time because every else was packed.

This one had been a cryout for the sun – the shirt is really really in a bright yellow, maybe that doesn´t come out so good in the picture – didn´t work so at least I decided to start to wear my neon colors again on this day.

Just wanted to give you guys a quick look at the most favorite pattern for me at the moment. 
You might have seen some outfit posts of my winter outifts if you are following my Instagram account. I was wearing lots of different tights with spots and dots.

I think it has always been a pretty pattern even if you are a little girl or grown up.
And the ruffles on the blouse make it even more girly – just the right one for me:)

Another pinkish spring look of mine. After looking at all of those pics I am a little sorry because most of them don´t differ a lot. 
Always a white shirt, a pair of jeans and flats and a pink jacket or buttown down.

But at this time I was wearing my docksiders from Highland Creek – they are so soft – feels like walking on heaven.

Picked those up last week from my local drugstore – seems like everything is pink this spring.
Short Review:
Essence matt touch blush (not new but I like the color a lot and mine has broken as it fell on the floor)
Balea Bodybutter White Passion with Acai berries – helps really good for dry skin but the smell doesn´t last very long. That´s a little sad because it smells pretty nice 🙁
Treaclemoon Body Mist Pretty rose hearts – what more do I have to say ? Their products are always awesome 🙂

Take care. See you. Love K.

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