Welcome Spring – Essence Trend Edition

Hi guys 

here are some products from the current essence trend edition “wake up spring” and it definitely has become spring – from one day to another but it finally has.

I am so happy. I had been so tired of the cold and now I am really happy for wearing my pastell spring color and some more neon colors and also other shoes than booties.

The moving is over and now I JUST have to unbox all of my stuff but that is ok everybody has to do this after moving to a new place. The nice weather makes me even more prouctive. 
I am so sorry for not posting so long but it has been very stressful and after doing all the stuff I had to do it had been dark outside so the light had been very bad for taking any photos. 

So now we can talk about the products:

I have choosen a lipstick and a lip pencil and also the blush.

The lipstick is very nice. It leaves a sheer glow on your lips and is really neutral – I think you can wear it with almost everything.

The lippencil is very soft and feels great to wear on your lips. It doesn´t last as good as the essence lipsticks but it is okay also for the price.

The blush is the only one they had and I love it – I am always searching for a light orangie blush and it has become very hard to find one so I am always on the hunt. But this is great. It isn´t to dark and has some shiny paricles in it. Very happy with this one.

The last product I have purchased are those hair slides in a lighter and darker pink. They have little blooms at their ends – makes them girly and super cute.

Hope you all had great easter holidays and wishing you all a nice weekend. 

Take care. See you. Love K.

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