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Hi guys,

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usually this close to Christmas I have my Christmas menu all together and already tried but neither of both has happened so far. I am still not done with the finishing touches of my main course and I don´t have a dessert. But that is about to change.

What do you think of this beautiful Christmas inspired cranberry chocolate cake. I think it looks so great and would definitely be a treat for the holidays. Anyone with me?

You may think it is super hard to make but in fact it isn´t at all. It definitely takes less time in comparison to many other cakes/cupcakes I have made and looks really festive.

So let´s put on our aprons and get started:

Ingredients dough:
– 5 eggs
– 150 gr. of sugar
– 1 table spoon of vanilla sugar
– 150 gr. of flour
– 1 1/2 tea spoons of baking soda
– 3 table spoons of cocoa

Be sure to double the dough and bake it in two pans cause it won´t be enough for the whole cake.  

Ingredients filling:
–  1 glass of cranberries
– 1 litre of heavy cream
– 12 sheets of white gelatin
– 5 table spoons of vanilla sugar

Ingredients topping:

– 150 gr. of dark chocolate couverture
– a few spoons of cranberries
– mix eggs and sugar and stir until fluffy
– add the other dry ingredients and stir for another 2 mintues (best to use a kitchen mashine)
– pour batter into 2 cake pans (be sure you doubled the ingredients for the dough, otherwise it won´t be enough)
– bake for 25 minutes at 160 degrees
–  meanwhile melt the dark chocolate couverture and spread between two baking sheet
– roll them up and let the chocolate cool down in the fridge
– after your cake layers have cooled down coat both with the cranberries 
 – now whip your cream (add the gelatine afterwards, be sure to follow the constructions on the packaging) and add the sugar while doing so
– spread the half of your whipped cream mixture on the first cake layer and top with second cake layer, then spread the rest of your mixture
 – be sure to keep the cake ring around it and let it cool for three hours or over night
– garnish with cranberries
– open your parchment paper roll of dark chocolate couverture and spread it over your cake  
– et voilà you have the perfect Christmas cake or Christmas dessert
If you are making the cake please tell me if you liked it. My mom was obsessed over it and she usually never likes anything.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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