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Hi guys

summer finally arrived and I am sooo into it I can´t even tell. These days it is pretty hard to get and post a lot of pictures for you because it is still the European Championshiop – this means there is a BBQ in different houses every day. So I don´t have this much time for taking outfit pics but I do my very best for you.

And the weather – what can I say about this. It is pretty hot outside and I couldn´t be more happy and there are summer sales going on everywhere. 
There are so many things to do when it´s hot outside – take a look at my Summer Bucket List Post for some inspiration.

So here are my summer outfits I have currently worn…..

Pants – H&M
Top – New Yorker
Button Down – old
Shoes – Graceland
Bag – Mango
I had worn this one earlier this week for going out with my love.
The pant is like a culotte but not as wide as the usual ones. I paired my button down shirt with a top underneath because it is pretty transparent – but also lightweighing so it´s perfect for hot days.

Skirt – Vero Moda
Bandeau – H&M
Sandals – H&M 
Bag – Mango
Another great summer outfit even the colors are darker than I usual wear during the day. A midi skirt with a slot on the left side and my favorite bandeau top (from H&M  they have lots of different colors every year).

Dress – H&M
Shoes – H&M
Bag – Bruno Banani
This dress is a classic one for a garden party – in my opinion. The blue color is awesome – it is so bright it competely changes your mood. Had worn this on Saturday for attending my boyfriends sisters birthday garden party.

 Dress – Heine
Shoes – Anna Field
Bag – Bruno Banani

A nice maxi dress for the not so hot summer days. It has T-Shirt sleeves and the pattern with the pops of red is just gourgeous.

Dress – H&M
Shoes – Schutempel 24
Bag – Bruno Banani 
Cardigan – H&M

Another gorgeous summer dress in red and white (I am sorry but for me it is the perfect color combination for summer). It is so cute and flattering. Just perfect for the hotter days.

Dress – New Yorker
Cardigan – New Yorker
Bag – Bruno Banani
Shoes – Anna Field

I do like the gingham prints with almost every color but it comes out best in black and white. You gotta tell. 
Dress – Comma
Cardigan – New Yorker
Shoes – Tamaris
Bag – Guess
Another of my typical me dresses. Light material with flower print and lots of colors and of course some lace. 

Shirt – old
Pants – H&M
Belt – old 
Shoes – very old

This is one of my typical casual friday outfits. We do not have an official casual friday at work but as it is just a half day it doesn´t really matter how you dress on this day.
But I still like this outfit a lot. I do not often go white on white but in combination with the tan color it is really fresh and nice.

Had been a very dressy 😉 week. 

Wishing you all a great weekend.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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