Summer Bucket List….

Hi guys

today I am annoucing my Summer bucket list….

There are eleven things to do to enjoy the summer to the fullest…

Make you own summerdrink

Whether it is a recipe you found somewhere or it is mixing your own drink.
I always like to make a typical sangria with red wine and lots of fruits for summer.

one bottle of red wine
one bottle of sparkling water
orange juice
a cup of brandy you like
some sugar
cut the fruits into slices
put the sugar, the orange juice, the wine, the brandy and your fruits into a bowl and cool it down over night.
Put some ice cubes and the sparkling water into it before serving
Enjoy 🙂 

Spend the evenings outside..
This is really important -for me- because sitting outside on the evenings when it is still warm and light until ten or eleven p.m. does a lot for your mood. People are feeling better in the summer month spending the days in the warmth with lots of fresh air. And it is also a great oppurtunity to invite your friends or neighbours and chat for hours… 🙂

Create your own Spotifiy Summer Playlist….

Here is mine for example. I always mix new songs with classic ones.
1 – La Isla Bonita – Madonna
2 – Shine -Years & Years
3 – Shake it off – Taylor Swift
4 – Coming Home – Sigma feat. Rita Ora
5 – Sangria – Blake Shelton
6 – Seven Years – Lukas Graham
7 – Show me Love – Robin Schulz
8 – I just want my baby back – Jerry Kilgore
9 – Lana del Rey – Summertime Sadness
10 –  Madcon – Don´t Worry

a few of mine for example….

Visit your local lakes…
 For a real refreshment on a pretty hot day there is nothing better than laying by a lake. The shadow is cooler under trees and lakes are so refreshing and the best is you can also take your dog with you. So the furry ones can also cool down on those days…

Take a weekend of…
Choose a weekend and a place nearby (about two to three hours away) you always wanted to see and stay the weekend there with your boyfriend or your girls. This can be a very relaxing weekend. Sometimes it is a need to get out of your stressful weeks and full weekends of getting lots of errands done and vising lots of people. 
Austria Trend Hotel Salzburg

Wear your favorite dresses…
Nothing gets me better in summer mood than wearing my summer dresses. You feel different wearing these flattering, lightweighing and floral or nautical or paisley patterned dresses.
#1 mint berry
#2 missguided
#3 Tommy Hilfiger
Fall in Love….
Summer sets lots of feelings free. So maybe you find a new love or you fall even more in love with the one you already got 🙂

Summer Reading….
Choose some books you would like to read during summer. There is lots of time – while laying at lakes or at the pool. 
Have a look at for some inspiration. They do have 5 New York Times bestseller every month.

Try out summer recipes…
 When you love cooking like I do you might get in cooking mood in summer. They vegetables and fruits are different, the meals get lighter and more creative and I always get in this californian cooking direction – so my fav at the moment is definitely some great GUACAMOLE.

2 ripe avocados
dried tomatoes
cream cheese
1 lemon
salt and pepper

Put everything toghether and mix it until it has the consistency of cream cheese.

Enjoy with bread or flatbread or just pure – yummy
Get your feet ready…
For wearing sandals you gotta get your feet ready cause this is a must have for everybody. Fix your nails and paint them in a hot and trendy color and remove your cornea and lotion your feet to make sure they look soft and healthy.

Book a summer vacation…
We already booked our summer vacation. It is going to Italy but I am not going to tell you any closer.
 I am sooo looking forward to this. Haven´t been out for a long time after packing and moving and doing tons of stuff in my new home.

Summer BBQ´s
Arrange as many Barbecues as you can. There is nothing better in summer than cooking outside, eating with your friends and sipping a beer and enjoying the sunset.

This is my summer bucket list for this year. Some points even stay the same for most of my years but I am pretty satisfied with this one.
What are your summer plans ? Let me know.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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