Instagram Roundup: My last summer outfits…..

Hi guys

today´s Roundup is about the last summer outfits I had worn recently. It became very cold, almost over night so I started to put the summer stuff back into the wardrobe and took the fall clothing out. 

So here we go……..

Had worn this on sunday for lunch with my parents. A jersey skirt with a snake pattern and a white shirt. Pretty simple and comfortable for a sunday. The bracelet with the bow is from Namage ( I always wear it) the other one is H&M. The shopper is Calvin Klein Jeans from their fall collection and the sunnies are Ray Ban Aviator. 

This dress is the last of my summer dresses I had worn this summer. So sad. It is H&M and absolutely gorgeous. The shoes are old but still love them. The clutch is Anna Field with a punched flower pattern. The bracelets are H&M.

This is one of my favorite shirts for summer the colors are great and the pattern is super cute. I paired it with a flared 70ies inspired jeans. The bag is Calvin Klein Fall collection. Bracelets are Fossil.

Keep looking forward for my fall outfits..

Take care. See you. Love K.

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