Fall essentials

 Hi guys 

todays post is all about fall. My favorite time of the year. No it is not summer time I am very sorry. 
I love fall cause of the falling and color changing leaves. They warm strong winds. The sun get that special glow during the fall months – it is such a mystic time.

So here are some of my absolute fall essentials I could not live without. Maybe let´s call it part one….. 😉


They have become fashion statement more and more … Now you can´t miss it.
They almost fit to every day outfit and a hat gives such a casual touch. And it absolutely saves you from a bad hair day.

They are both H&M

Checkered shirts and blouses

They stayed throughout the whole year. (remember the beginning of the year when black/red checkered blouses were so trendy). Now we can find and off course wear all possible colors. The options are numerous and they fits with almost every garment like jeans, jeans skirts (yes ladies, they are back) other kinds of skirts and maybe as a jacket over a shirt or a cool dress. Use your fantasy……

Blouse is Arizona

Super thin down wests

Should not miss one in your wardrobe. They are super helpful and keep you warm where you need it on the not so cold and maybe still sunny days.

A cape

Maybe not such a good picture but you all know what a cape is (and I am gonna post an ouftift picture soon). I have different ones but I wanted you to show this one first. It is kind of a beginner cape. Doesn´t have a crazy shape or crazy colors or super long fringes.
It is great for evenings to wear it over a dress or even throughout the day over a shirt or a blouse. Works great with leggings and jeans.

Cape is H&M

Dark skinny jeans

Everyone has a pair of dark skinny jeans (I think so….) So what can I say more for this garment than  still an great investment…..

Super skinny super low from H&M
A bag in a fall color —– like dark green

or navy or a burgundy red ( however you like) 
Mine is dark green – a spacious shopper to carry everything I need and way more with me…
The studs and the rest of the hardware is golden. Studs are only in the front but that is enough. Still loving this famous trapez shape of the shoppers. So glad Celine started with it.

Shopper is Laura Scott


Mine are almost nude because I have so many black shoes so I wanted to get a little change in there. They only have a low heels so you can easily wear them to mini dresses or shorts and still stay comfortable. They even work with a long pair of jeans. Would not wear them in winter, but they are perfect for fall.

Booties are Tamaris

Chelsea Boots

Don´t ask why they are called chelsea boots, cause I really don´t know but they are comfortable and trendy know so maybe I should ask google 🙂
They are black suede leather and completely flat. You can wear them with shorter skirts or long pants also with flared jeans when you are tall enough to wear jeans without heels……

Chelsea Boots are also Tamaris


Last pair of shoes for this post….
Sorry guys 🙂
Still en vogue – black overknee boots
I got those last year but they are still trendy so I am wearing these again this fall. They fit with almost everything – it is like you can´t go wrong with overknees …..

Hope you enjoyed reading and got some inspiration

Take care. See you. Love K.

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