Lago di Garda Travel Diary….

Hi guys

today I am doing a recap off our Italy vacation.

We stayed at the Sportsman Hotel in Bardolino for the whole trip. It is a really nice Hotel with a mixed audience. They have a private beach just 20 seconds to walk. Really really close and pretty. You can have dinner at their restaurant or you sit outside in the nice patio for a Bellini. The breakfast variety couldn´t be any better. 
Rooms are big and clean – not really fashionable but timeless in their furnishing.
 They also have a pool for the case you don´t want to swim in beautiful Lake Garda or you can rent a bike and make a tour to one of the old cities which are all nearby.

Day 1:
We arrived at Lunchtime and after walking arround in the hotel we went outside the next restaurant we could find to grab something to eat and get a drink in the sun. We found a great place which I called the “Barrel Bar” – in Bardolino – because all the tables were barrels. We stayed there quite a while. After getting ready for the evening we went to Garda. 


The Barrel Bar

Day 2:
We got up early because we drove to Verona. It is about 45 minutes away and they have a beautiful old town with a collosseo and lots of shops. LOTS OF SHOPS 🙂
I found a Kiko and a Carpisa – two of the most colorfullest and sweetest shops I have ever seen and of course I bought some stuff.

At night we went to Peschiera del Garda for a good night drink and a fantastic view at the harbour.

Day 3:
Got up early too beause we had to get to the market in Bardolino as quick as possible to get a parking spot. They got lots of different pieces of clothing for fall so that was definitely a hit. Got some snacks for lunch and of course the typical  and the best view onto the shimmering Lake Garda.

In the afternoon we lay at the hotel beach area and just read a book and relaxed. It was super hot this day (almost 40 degreees).

In the evening we went to beautiful Lazise to get some dinner and to walk arround the city. The waterfront there is adorable and the entrance into is just adorable.

Day 4:
On our last day we went to Sirmione another old and pretty city with an old castle we took a better look at. After grabbing some ice-cream and sitting arround with some coffee and watching the other people we headed back to the Hotel beach for some refreshment.

In the evenig we went to an awesome restaurant in Bardolino. It is called Spiller and it has Austrian kitchen. The food was sooo delicious and after all the Pizza and Pasta a welcome change. A ate an awesome burger (not really Austrian food but a great decision) which was probably the best I ever had.

After eating we went for Mini-Golf and I won – didn´t even think about that. It has been a great but also very sad last evening. 
We are going to miss Lake Garda a lot but definitely coming back.
Day 5:
After getting some pancakes for breakfast we packed and headed back home to little Chloe. She was so happy to see us again.

It was the best trip I had in a long time (maybe of the great company ^^) – I honestly got no downsides – wich is pretty awesome. The only thing might be that it was too short but time always runs fast when you are enjoying things.

Wishing everybody a great Friday and a nice weekend.

Take care. See you. Love K.  

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