An Italian evening…..

Hi guys

since we are back from our Italy vacation we are still in the italian mood which means pasta and wine all the time 😉

So we decided to invite over our neighbours and friends for some of the specialtys we ate down there. I decided to go with an Italian table decoration theme in the typical colors red, green and white.

Table Decoration:

So we had filled olives and mushrooms and stuffed wineleaves and Ciabatta with brushetta as a starter. I also made and Aperol Spritz as Aperitif.
For the main course we had noodles with a tomato sauce, artichokes and shrimps. And of course lots of parmesan cheese on top.
The desert had been an Italian panna cotta with a raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and mint leaves.
The guests really liked the food and the combination of it so the evening was a total hit. The weather also was great. I first thought about serving the food inside because the nights were pretty chilly the last couple days but ít was a really hot day so eating outside was the better option.

I always liked and still do to host theme dinner parties or events like that at all. It is always nice to sit together with the people you like a lot and chit chat and have lots of great food and drinks.

Wishing everybody a great Sunday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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