The top 9 shows on Netflix to watch now…


Good morning to all of my binge watching series junkies,

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since we subscribed to Neflix we haven´t watched normal tv in a very long time and in fact we don´t miss it at all. We can watch more than just one episode if we want and there is no commercial you have to sit out also your program can be paused at every time and finished later. Also you can pick from endless options of movies, shows and so much more. For us it is the invention of a century and we love it dearly.

So for today´s post I am rounding up the top shows on Netflix to watch now. I like to have different kinds of shows on my hands cause when I am at home running around cleaning I can´t give my full attention to a show but still want to be able to watch the next episode and understand what happened without rewatching it. But in the evenings when I finally have time to sit down on my sofa and watch a show or a movie without a break this is the time for more complex shows were you can´t even miss a minute.

Let´s dive into my picks:

Money Heist // We are probably the last ones by now who started with season one but better late than never. I loved it at the beginning but got a little bored halfway and pushed through. We are now at the end of season one and still trapped in the same building. This is going to go on like this for some more episodes. Hopefully the plot is staying exciting and unpredictable.

Grace & Frankie // I adore Jane Fonda. She is a marvellous actress and rocked this show. It is about all of the pains (physically and metally) of getting older plus when your husbands leaves you to marry his lawyer partner after 30 years. Doesn´t happen every day. Give it a try. It is funny and heartwarming and so truthful.

modern family // My alltime favorite show ever. I have probably seen every episode about 5 times by now and still love them all. It shows all the differences and problems a big patchwork family has to overcome with lots of humor.

The Crown // I was curious about this one cause I have read about it so many times and I have to admit I really love watching the show. First of all there is a huge learning factor if you are not familiar with british monarchie and second of all the actors are great to watch. I am currently on season two and not tired of it. The only downside is that I really don´t like Philip. Maybe it is the actor or the way he behaves. I thing he is a huge a**.

Chesapeake Shores // This is another background show I love to watch when I am doing blog work or anything else. It is about five children scattered all over the US coming back to their birth house as life is at its worst for each of them. The grandmother and father who still live their are thrilled to have them all back and help as much as possible. It is such a romantic and dramatic and scenic show. Might be a little to shallow for some but I love it.

Sherlock // We recently started to watch this and are fascinated but this is heavy food. If you want to watch it and know what they are talking about you have to focus a 100 %. They talk really fast and actions also happen very fast so there is no checking your phone or getting something from the kitchen in the meantime.

Friends // An all time classe – this is one of my background shows. I haven´t seen it since it finished on tv which has been quite some time. I have to admit I didn´t have it as this funny on my mind but I love it. It is perfect for doing something besides watching a show.

Queer Eye // I just love the Fab Five, there is nothing more I can see. To see how they change the lifes of people who are stuck in their every day routine and desperately unhappy makes me sob each and every time.

Suits // This is Florian´s pick but I had to add it here because he truly loves this show and get´s excited every time a new season comes out. I have been told it isn´t about the cases and clients primarily. It is about the work at the office and the relations between the other lawyers the staff and other law firms. Although I don´t understand much of it cause I have never seen even one full episode each of them is dressed very sharp.

Phew! That was a long post, so if you are still with me thank you. If not I completely understand. I am sharing another round-up of shows we have already seen probably next month.

Which ones will you be watching next or have you seen them all ?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

Picture credit: Money Heist / Grace & Frankie / modern family / The Crown / Chesapeake Shores / Sherlock / Friends / Queer Eye / Suits

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Why it is okay to reduce your friends at a certain age..

Good morning guys,
do you remember your school days and mostly your vacation time? We always were a bunch of girls chatting, laughing and talking about the next big party and cute boys. Always in a cluster and it was fine. We attended the same courses, went to the same cafés and stores and also walked together on the way to the train station to catch our train/bus. But then life comes in your way and after graduation people spread all over the country/area. Interests change. Work comes along. Working hours differ. Relationships come along. It is hard to catch up with everyone so the few who are staying – the inner circle – are the ones who are worth the work. 

Yes friendship is work. And the less you have to do the more you can invest your time in your friends. So go back to the time you where having about 10 girlfriends. Of course you knew what everyone was up to. If she had a new boyfriend, new clothes, which destination she went for vacation with her parents, who was heartbroken, who got good grades or the education she was dreaming of…
The list goes on and on. And of course you where able to know cause besides the time you studied or did your homework you always stuck together.
So “after growing up” it gets a lot harder to maintain those. And this is not only my side. I believe everyone is thinking this way. It is when being selfish suddenly becomes development.

After moving to another city and having a partner and building a house and working and having kids to care for there is only a short time frame left of your day and imagine how tiny it would be if you had to call 10 of your girlfriends to update each. So many get lost one the way. Probably some you thought you would stick forever (I had two really close girlfriends while in secondary school and now I don´t even know where they are or what they are doing).

So having two or three or even just one really good girlfriend you can call no matter what, you can always rely on, you can tell everything without getting judged upfront or being unsure what you can say to not hurt a feeling. To have as much fun topics as serious ones. That is enough and worth the work. Although you really should put effort and work into a friendship, it shouldn´t feel like actual work.
What do you guys about this topic? Anyone experienced something similar.
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A look back at 2018 – my most read posts and more…

Good morning friends,
hopefully you are fit again after NYE and ready to start the new year. I am not sharing any resolutions but I wanted to share a quick look back on the last year. Favorite looks, what we did, what happended and overall my most liked and read post.
Comfortable winter day                            Streetstyle winter – neutral and chic in brown


My birthday is on the 15th of January so usually it is super cold and snowy and just the right weather to be bundled up inside but we decided to spend a few days in Vienna, Austria to celebrate.
Our trip to Vienna was great. The city is beautiful even in the grey winter months. So much culture and history and restaurants.
I personally love Valentine´s Day. I know it isn´t a real holiday and I also know that you should cherrish your loved ones year round and not only on one day but I think there aren´t any cuter or sparklier red and pink things year round so I love this day. And isn´t it always nice to spend time with someone you love.


Maritime Vibes                            Easter Candy Baskets

Started to plan our wedding and finalizing on important details like the dress, the suit and our shoes as well as the flowers and our invitations. This has been the most productive month in terms of wedding planning.
Celebrating Easter with a huge family brunch in the color of the year of 2018 and hoping that Spring would come soon. There have been a few warm days but nothing temporary.


Living room reveal                    Our engagement photos

We took our engagement photos in May. I know this was be a little late but I totally wanted to have beautiful weather and flowers in the pictures.
Finally remodeled the guest room. I turned it from a sad box room into a fashionably guest room. So happy how it turned out in the end.
Fixed on from finally finishing the guest room I decided it is also time for a little living room do-over.


Pink Flamingo                                                     Ruffle shirt and apricot lace midi skirt 

We went to Lake Garda in June and it was the best time I have ever travelled to. No crowds at all. A seat in every front row at the lake restaurants and no long lines. Since we have been to Lake Garda a few times now we decided to spend on day in Milan. The architecture and history was so amazing we where amazed for days.
My bridal brunch took place in July and it was a really nice morning spent with all the invited girls, chatting, getting to know each other and overall looking forward to the big day.


My bridesmaids and I packed up for a fun and relaxing weekend in Marienbad, a small spa town in the Czech Republic. We talked so much and had so much fun. I really want to to this all over again.

For Florian´s birthday I decided to make a do-it-yourself tacco bar and it was a hit. Everyone loved it.
And of course one week later the big day has arrived. Our wedding day. It was the most beautiful day I have ever had so far and got to spend it with the love of my life.
A few days after our marriage we flew to Santa Ponsa, a small town on the island of Mallorca. 

Bunte Beauty Days with my SIL and I made the most hyped recipe I have seen in quite a while – pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (which are delicious by the way). 

Made my first ever Thanksgiving dinner and it was a total hit. Absolutely loved my table scape, my favorite of the whole year. 

So many celebrations going on around Christmas time. We celebrated the start of the holiday season with our closest friends and I also cooked for our annual Christmas party on the second holiday. 
NYE was spent with a bunch of our friends playing a crime dinner. This was really really funny and definitely worth a try.
Hope you enjoyed it. I tried to keep it really short as there are so many “Year in Review” posts out there and I als get annoyed at some point.
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November Reading List + December Bucket List including our Swarovski dinner cruise…


Hello my dearest friends,
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it is Sunday and what´s best to do for Sunday´s than read?? Anyone with me? I am sharing another round of my reading list today. All of the books I have read in November (I wish they where more but with all the beginning of the Christmas hustle and bustle, Thanksgiving and our Holiday Party there wasn´t just enough time).

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty //
Sensible Lyn is struggling to balance being a mother, wife and
businesswoman without losing her mind. Cat, whose perfect marriage is
the envy of all her friends, never suspects that her husband has been
hiding a secret that will tear her life apart. Directionless Gemma
changes jobs and boyfriends every few months and has just met a new man
who could be the one to unlock her hidden past.

everything, the bonds of the sisters are strong enough to withstand
whatever life throws at them. That is until the night of their
thirty-fourth birthday dinner, when home truths are revealed and things
are said that can’t be taken back.

My opinion: A nice read. I really love her writing style. I absolutey adored Big Little Lies and this book is also really great. Not as got as the other but a gread read. 

The New Fashion Rules by Victoria Margrath //
The rules of fashion have changed. The new digital era is all about
being seen, liked and inspired. So how do we define ourselves through
style? And why has the evolution of the Internet changed the way we buy
and wear clothing? Superblogger Victoria Magrath reveals the pivotal
moments that have transformed the fashion world, from the Nineties
through to the Noughties, and shares insider secrets and practical tips
for navigating the ever-changing fashion landscape. Find inspiration
from the new diversity movement which embraces all shapes and sizes,
relive the moment Cara Delevingne recorded a selfie on the catwalk and
discover how internet sensations like Instagram and ASOS are changing
the landscape of fashion permanently. These are The New Fashion Rules.

My opinion: Loved it and totally recommend it. I shows you Victoria´s perspective on the change of fashion from a few years ago and today´s fast fashion including more fashion shows than ever and new trends as fast as the Internet can share. If you are a fashion lover you can totally relate to the them and you will love it.

White Lies by Lucy Dawson //
Alexandra Inglis is a respected family doctor, trusted by her
patients to keep their most intimate secrets. And if sometimes the
boundaries between duty and desire blur… well, she’s only human.
when Alex oversteps a line with Jonathan, one of her patients, she
knows she’s gone too far. Jonathan is obsessive, and to get what he
wants he will tear Alex’s world apart – threatening not only her career
but her marriage and family too.
Soon Alex finds she’s capable
of doing almost anything to keep hold of her perfect life, as it begins
to spin dangerously out of her control…

My opinion: I couldn´t get into it for the frist 20 to 30 pages but at somepoint it has an interesting twist a way I could have never guessed it and it got me hooked from the minute this happened so I had to finish it at once. Super thrilling. You will not believe what and how it is happening. Highly recommend this one.

Pictures from our Swarovski dinner cruise

December bucket list:
– visit another city for different Christmas lights and Advent markets (just came home from Leipzig)
– bake a gingerbread house (done – view post here)
– make your Christmas signature drink (view post here)
– deck your front porch (planning to get this done this week)
– watch a Christmas performance (ballet, theatre)
– go on a Christmas inspired dinner (we took a Christmas dinner cruise last week)
– create your own Christmas playlist 

Is there anything I have missed ??

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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