Must-Have: Leopard Print

Hi guys

at every end of the summer I am thinking about what has been fall fashion the last couple years and there is one thing that comes to my mind every year. Leopard prints. What had been trendy years ago changed to a timeless fall and winter staple. You can this wear those pieces and still buy them on almost every accessorie you would like to own. It has become a pattern for day and night time. Few years ago only Kate Moss had worn leopard jackets paired with a really little black dress in night clubs. People did not dare to wear those kind of clothing on streets during day times but times have changed drastic. Good for us because there are really pretty pieces this fall which only would be as half as nice without the right pattern.

 Handbag – Dune London
Scarf – Guess
Jeans – Dr. Denim
Blouse – Even & Odd
Sunnies – Prada
Hat – Mint Berry
Heels – Zign
Jacket –  Polo Ralph Lauren

and here are some more pieces with this cool print:

What are your favorite prints ?

Take care. See you. Love K.

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