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Happy Monday,

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it is finally March which means we are closer to Spring which hopefully means warmer weather and Spring looks and the other great event which hopefully takes place this month is giving birth to our baby girl.

But for now and since we are still waiting on everything I am sharing my February Amazon buys with you guys.

Golden Rectangular Earrings // I finally ordered another pair of these adorable golden earrings. Haven´t gotten them now but I really hope they arrive this time cause the mail has lost my first pair already. This style will work great with so many looks I have planned for spring and summer. Gold jewelry always looks best with a tan in the summer.

Baby´s First Year Blanket + Cards // Can´t wait to use this with baby girl. Really great quality of the muslin blanket and sturdy number cards. I think the set has a great value for under 25 Euro.

Set of Braided Headbands // If you are following my blog you might know I am a headband lover from the first second so I am always looking for new styles and colors I don´t have and let me tell you, this set of three is so comfortable also how gorgeous is the deep royal blue color!!!!!

Flanell Bow Headband // Saw this on a bunch of bloggers and reminded me of my childhood cause I had a piece like this when I was little. There are several styles available but of course I ended up getting the leopard print one. I am using it every evening when I am washing/cleaning my face.

Salad Chopper // Ordered this to chop my salad as I hate having big chunks of salad on my plate. It literally make me cook less salad cause I hate the messy eating. This is abolute perfect for it. Also works great with spaghetti if you like to eat them with a spoon and no mess.

Simple Modern Water Bottle // Pregnant or not, you are supposed to drink a lot of water to keep your body hyrated so I got this adorable water color in the mother-of-pearl color. Keep my water super cool which I prefer over anything else but it also comes with a second lid for hot beverages. So the cooling function will work the other way around too.

Hair Turban // I had one of these when I was younger – why are all of my hair accessories missing these days  – so I got this one again. It has a button on the back so it holds all the wet hair perfectly after washing and the material is supposed to soak up all the excesive water that´s left in your hair to dry it quicker.

Beaded Pink Earrings // Perfect for Spring so why not?!

Cribsheet // Going to read this step by step. Depends on how far we are with baby girl but it it works until age two if I remember correctly. Holds tons of information. Definitely work a read.

Meat Masher // Super basic but totally convenient for cooking any type of minced meat. Provides lumps and everything will be cooked through equally. Also the consistency of the product you are using it on gets a lot smoother.

Hospital Nightgown // I always feel a lot more comfortable in my own clothes so I got this hospital inspired night gown. It has buttons alongside the back in case you need/want an epidural so it is basically designed for this case.

Nipple Cream // Going to need this one from what I hear.

Letter Necklace // Got this in addition to my mama necklace with the letter E for our baby girl´s name. I love wearing both of them mixed together as the lenghts pair perfectly. Also available in silver if you aren´t a gold fan.

Pepper Spray // Not necessarily a must but I am walking Chloe most of the days alone so I am feeling better having something on me. Also I am not the fastest anymore so a little more precaution can´t hurt.

GG Statement Earrings // Hopefully they arrive soon cause aren´t they just beautiful with all the different colors.

Rolling Stones inspired Sweater // The number one sweater I have seen everywhere the last few weeks. I love mine a lot. Got a size small since they only sell unisex sizes and it still fits with the bump, thight but fits. Separate outfit post coming soon.

It has been a lot of stuff I have found this month but it also included some baby/pregnancy related products which I clearly need for my hospital bag (going to share all of these items in a different post but first I have to find out which ones I really need and which ones are good/crap).

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