My birthday this year and everything that has changed….

recapping my thirties, turning 31, a year in words, reflection on 2020

recapping my thirties, turning 31, a year in words, reflection on 2020

recapping my thirties, turning 31, a year in words, reflection on 2020

recapping my thirties, turning 31, a year in words, reflection on 2020


Hi you guys,

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my birthday was on Friday – I turned 31 this year and it still feels strange to have a three in my age. I wanted to share a little update over here what has been going on the last couple of months.

Looking back my last birthday seems like a lifetime ago although it only has been one year. ONE YEAR – were major things changed!!

I did those fun facts about me no one would suggest for a few years now but it somehow feels a little strange to me this year.

Looking back on my last year

The best thing that happened all year was giving birth to our little girl. She is the center of our lives and also the sunshine. She was born in march in the heights of the Covid 19 outbreak. Hospital restrictions hit us hard but in the end I was so happy my husband could be with me in labor and delivery the whole time. 

2020 was a tough year but not only in terms of the pandemic. We had so many plans and hopes for this year and most of them were crushed with no further ado. This was very hard to take and the constant social distancing and staying at home took a toll at everyones mental health.

Sacrifice was a big word for the year of 2020. I didn´t get a baby shower or a maternity photo shoot and our planned photographer to shoot newborn pictures at the hospital had also been canceled. I was very sad about all that but also over the moon excited for our new baby. 

And I know very well that me complaining over these kind of things is rather insignificant cause people do have relatives who died of the virus and doctors and nurses are working non-stop plus all the small businesses that are closed now and probably won´t re-open ever again but it was planned and I was looking forward to it and it was taken away from us. It is just hard to adjust to everything at once and not thinking about if life will ever be the same. 

On my last birthday I was still pregnant, we went out shopping and headed out for dinner with our family. We are miles away from getting back normality and it is very scary to not knowing what happens next. 

So this became much longer than I anticipated. At least I was able to bring some of my recent thoughts to “paper”. I think many people are feeling the same but are anxious to admit it because they don´t want to be judged for being selfish.

Anyways cheers to 31!!

See you tomorrow.

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