My First Trimester…


Hi you guys, 

after sharing our family photo shoot you all might know about my pregnancy now so I am finally sharing a first trimester update with you guys.

My first trimester

In my opinion I haven´t had the worst first trimester. I have read so many stories of women who felt so so bad and could not eat or drink a thing. I could get through most of the days. It wasn´t enjoyable but possible. 

My feelings

over the moon excited, worried anything could go wrong, overwhelmed on what to change first diet, skincar, products we

My aversions

smell of paper towels (???) makes me retch, salami, scrambled eggs (all eggs in general) and everything to burned

My pregnancy symptoms

nauseous in the mornings and after eating something, the only thing that keeps my steady would be cold lemon juice , super exhausted – everytime it was possible I took a 2 hour nap to be somehow functional and also to overcome another wave of nausea, heartburn, tingling calves, mild cramping

really bad skin – I had bad breakouts but that ended after the first trimester (maybe just of hormonal adjustment)

Gender assumption

I would say girl cause of my bad skin and also because of the heartbeat (156 beats per minute) but there are so many theories out there we´ll see. My assumption is boy (just have a feeling about it) but Florian and my mom say girl. Going to reveal the gender very soon.

What I am looking forward in my second trimester

Having a clearer ultrasound picture were I can recognize parts of the body, feeling better in general, having a little less to worry as the most scary weeks are over, sharing it with everyone who doesn´t know yet.

Starting on the nursery – really can´t wait on that and also of course getting all the cute little baby clothes. 

Another important thing on my hand. Don´t try to eat things you can´t stand. This will make you feel even worse. If you are craving the pizza, the french fries, the burger just eat it. Don´t feel bad that it isn´t salad or you aren´t eating as healthy as can be. Your baby will be fine and you can still eat all the good things when you are out of your first trimester fog. You don´t have to feel guilty at all.

I am going to post my 20 weeks update very soon. I am actually 20 weeks on Thursday. Can´t believe I am going to be halfway through already.

Have a great day you guys and if you are also expecting I would love to hear about your experience.

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