Nude Accesssoires….

Hi guys

the best thing about summer is that we can use all of our light accessoires. The colors are brighter and should pop out so there is nothing better than a nude handbag, hat or even sunnies to set the focus on the color. But that doesn´t mean that it wouldn´t be worth it to take a look at them…

And the best is nude accessoires almost fit to every piece of my – and probably also to your – summer wardrobe. So these ones are really great for your budget because they are so versatile in using them and there are sooo many combination ideas – you won´t need as many pieces.

Hope you all had a nice weekend (I had two BBQ´s and a birthday party to attend and yesterday was antoher soccer game I had to watch – Germany vs. Slowakia and we won – so I probably need a weekend to rest from this weekend 😉 )and you are having a great start into this week.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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