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Hi guys,

I am checking back with a long overdue beauty post today. Have planed this for so long (you can see it at the lilac since season is long over – whoopsie) but didn´t came around posting it earlier.

Using highlighters has been a total new topic for me. The first highlighter I got was at the beginning of 2016 so I might still be a total newby concerning this topic but I have got together quite the collection so I thought I round them up for you.

As far as my color preferences go I do prefer a more pearly and rose shade but also love some golden touches during summer.

My absolute favorite highlighter is this one. Maybe you can also see it cause I have used it many many times. It is the Smashbox Spotlight Highlighting Palette in Pearl. I love the lightest shade and use it almost daily. Just sets beautiful highlights. It is also perfect for mixing some shades to create your own unique highlighting shade.

I was searching for a great highlighter for my wedding day which stays all day and gives me THE glow. Of course I could use the Smashbox palette but I wanted to see what else is out there. I went to the MAC counter in our mall and talked to a very sweet girl who recommended the color Soft & Gentle – a gilded peach bronze. I really love it I think I am gonna use it for my wedding day but there are still some touch ups on procuts to make. Stays on great and you only need little. 

The La Vie en Glow Highlighter palette was in fact a coincidence find as I was searching for a BB cream for our vacation. I saw it first and was smitten by all the sparkling shades. The drug store lighting can be fatal for me. The color is very pigmented so be sure to not dive into it for applying cause this will be too much.
 Other than that I like I all the nuances. Still not quite sure when to use the bluish one.
Got the 02 palette.

I got this single highlighter a long time ago but never came around using it. So it sat in my beauty drawer until I was recently searching for a pencil sharpener for my lipliner and rediscovered it.
I do like it but not as much as my more golden and peach shimmering highlighter as it is pretty light, almost white. The color is 01 Light Infusion. It will be great to use on taned skin as you can really tell a difference then.
The other Catrice highlighter is from a collaboration with Caviar Gauche. It is old and I think only available on platforms like ebay but it was just too pretty not to picture.

This is a brand I have discovered just a few months back and I tend to go around it. 
Not that I wouldn´t like certain products. I am quite sure they have great items but I really don´t need another cosmetics brand I am constantly looking for new things which I already have from another one. But this one time I got really weak and gave in. Have seen this highlighter on a what´s new display. They displayed two different palettes with color swatches and possibilities to wear them and also the stupid drug store lighting got me. Overall the colors are beautiful. I have choosen the warm palette this time since I thought it would be awesome for summer and it is. The colors are super soft and highly pigmented. Anyways if I don´t drop it this is going to last for years.

I ordered this cause I thought it would be a bronzer but in my opinion it is a very shiny and dark highlighter. You could use it as bronzer if you like but also only for finishing touches cause it is way to shiny and sparkly for that.
I really like the products from the Kiko brand. I have discoered this brand a few year ago while staying in Verona, Italy and loved it ever since.

These are all powder highlighter cause I usually tend to stay away from wet and oily products which give my skin a more oily look than it does for itself.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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