Last Winter Style // Plaid scarf + plenty of red…

plaid scarf Fraas sold out similar here and here / leggings old similar here and here / boots Graceland similar here and here / white coat H&M similar here and here / belt Asos sold out similar here and here / handbag Michael Kors


Good morning you guys,

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it is finally here. My last winter look!! I didn´t think the day would come but here we are. Now all the signs and especially my wardorbe is pointing towards spring. We had the best weather yesterday. Sunny, no wind and so warm. Chloe played outside and was practically living her best live. Obviously there is so much to sniff when the snow is gone.

This look was one of my favorite the whole winter. Probably of the winter white hues or the pops of red or overall cause it looked very chic while being very comfy. Belting a blazer jacket or a thin coat adds such a cool vibe to a look by creating the perfect waistline and also tuning the blazer jacket down a little bit. Whether you wear it belted with a comfy scarf or with a statement necklace you are sure to have the perfect modern and sophisticated look. And of course lots of pops of red don´t hurt either.

I have so many cute looks planned for spring so be sure to check back. Lots of lighter materials, popping colors and new trends which are coming our ways. 

Hopefully your Monday isn´t too bad. Afterall the sun is shining here and the rest of the snow is finally melting. My cough is still bad so I am not quite sure if I can go line dancing tonight. Really miss it though and hoping for the best.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Feeling very french in my windowpane cape + eating crêpes at the Café Orphée…

SheIn cape / black denim Asos similar here and here / Mario Valentino handbag old simlar here and here / beret Asos / black suede booties River Island old similar here and here / white rib knit sweater H&M old similar here and here


Good morning fashionistas

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and happy Friday. I hope your Valentine´s day was great. I have been out and about to a fabulous crêpe place about two weeks ago. Sometimes it just has to be more. The better restaurant, the fancier dish … do you recall ?! Also if you want to wear that extraordinary, heads-turning cape go for it. I definitely did and I was feeling very french at this day to say the least. Maybe also becaue of the beret but you get me right?!

The Place

We have a little restaurant/café/hotel called Orphée in Regensburg and in my opinion it is one of the prettiest, tiniest and comfiest places you will find all over the city. It has the old french charm with lots of paintings and framed mirrors and wooden wainscoting in dark and moody colors. Just the right place to sit and drink a cup of coffee and read a highly dramatic love story or to have some delicious crêpes. We had a chocolate filled crêpe and one with sugar and cinnmon and both where delicious. They are soft and fluffy and overal so flavorful. If you are visitung make sure you never leave this place without trying this french deliciousness.

The Look

So for the outfit – I ordered this cape back in December cause I saw Teggy French wearing one and I always love the idea of also having one (also it is a little unpractical in real cold temperatues since you will freeze with it, but hey, who really cares). I got it from SheIn and it is available in two more colors with the windowpane pattern and in five more colors without the pattern and the best it is under 25 € you guys. 

Wishing all of you a nice weekend. Take care. See you.

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Winter Style // Faux Fur and Emerald…


faux leather skirt esmara old similar here and here / vest amisu very old similar here and here / booties Buffalo old similar here and here / silk scarf Orsay very old similar here / handbag ebay old similar here and here / black body suit SheIn


Happy Thursday friends and happy Valentine´s day,

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luckily my last work day for this week today (I am still sick and it takes me forever to get up and running in the morning, should have stayed at home the rest of the week). So we are going to stay in this evening and get a load of delicious chinese food. It is probably all I can think about today.

And since I have nothing planned for tomorrow I am finally going to tackle another section of my dressing room, after sleeping in (absolutely need that). The cardigan section. A cardigan is your perfect friend for upcoming spring weather (it is already around the corner friends – better weather !!) as you can wear it with and over almost everything so I want to know exactly what I have and what needs to be washed or fixed or donated.

The Look

But for today I have another winter inspired look (depends on where you are reading my blog from to dress accordingly to the weather). This was a kind of an untypical combination for me. Green and black but I loved it and it worked. I was wearing an all black look (black tights and booties, black faux leather skirt and black shirt) and paired it with a black and white faux fur vest and a fun green and black striped silk scarf. 

So guys we only have three or so cold weather looks to go and then it is going to be spring all over the blog. Color explosions, pastell frivolities and so much more.

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My Beautician´s tips for better skin…


Good morning guys,

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today we are talking a little skin care over here. You might know I have started to go to the beautician a few months before my wedding because I wanted my skin to look the best possible.

I have been going there ever since every month and my skin improved a lot. I really have to admit it . It does help a lot when your skin gets “cleaned out” of all the blackheads and pimples on a monthly base. I also enjoy my hour there a lot. It is my personal wellness for the day and so relaxing.

Talking to her about what I can do at home to make my skin look better and more flawless has also helped so I am sharing her top tips here today:

# 1 // Don´t drink unfiltered water from the pipes cause it is to dirty and it will reflect on your skin (better get yourself a water filter like from Brita – saves plastic bottles too).

# 2 // Don´t drink to much sparkling water – it overacidifies your body which is also bad for your skin.

# 3 // Help your skin to improve itself by taking zinc as a dietary supplement.

# 4 // Peel your face 2 x a week to make sure your skin doesn´t harden. It helps a lot for the skin cells to breathe and also takes away the old ones to help your skin renew itself.

# 5 // The two best ingredients in a lotion for acne prone skin are biotin and zinc (for example zinc is included in baby´s rash lotions).

#6 // Drink – if possible – 3 l of water/unsweetened tea/black coffee a day.

# 7 // Make sure to regularly get your skin cleaned out to maintain it and keep it at the same level.

# 8 // Try to eat not to much sugar, this is the same for fruit as they contain a lot of fructose and that isn´t the best for your skin either

# 9 // I also try to skip as much dairy as possible cause it is also supposed to be bad for your skin and to cause major breakouts and I overall feel better without it. My only weakness is queso!!

Also I have rounded-up all the products I am using currently in the widget below to fight my bad skin.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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