Office gadgets – makes working much prettier

Hi guys
today´s post is for all the bloggers or desk workers out there. It is about the little things we use daily and how to make working a lot nicer by beautifiying your tools.
The first thing I wanted for this year was a personalized calender for 2016. I got mine from You can chose everything there – fonts, colors, sizes, pictures, headings and so on and so on…….

This is how their website  looks. They also have notebooks and big calendars.

The other thing I currently found and I am loving are pencils with Swarowski crystals. They are super glittery and so nice to watch.

Another thing I needed is this super cute owl and sausage post it pack.

And of course a Laptop case – mine is made of this cool Neopren materail like the bathing suits are made of

Which are your favorite  Office Gadgets – mine are always colorful and with lots of Patterns – I like them a lot
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Take care. See you. Love K.
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Vichy Dermablend – The best one I could possibly find….

Hi guys

today I am posting about the best foundation I found for me. It is such a great product and obviously I am a little sad that I haven´t recognized it before.

I had been looking for a good foundation for about ages. Always used one but never was really satisfied. But times have changed for me. I purchased this one about three months ago and I could´t be happier.

The foundation is from Vichy – it is a teint correcting one – which means – it corrects the dark spots under your eyes or if you have some really bad skin problems like acne or just a few pimples it helps a lot. It creates a nice and fresh looking soft teint. I am totally convinced.

It is really concentrated, you only need a small drop of it per day which makes the tube really longlasting.

They have 5 five different colors. Depends on what is your skin tone. 

Which one is your favorite foundation ? 
Take care. See you. Love K.

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2015 Beauty Favorites

Hi guys,
today I am doing a little beauty retrospect on my favorites of 2015.
I am always using one from Manhattan. Tried a few different brands but always finding my way back to this one.

Fake lashes:
Those are the one and only ones and I would never change them again. They are from Red Cherry – my favorite lash brand. I order them at the kosmetik4less website. I am hoping they continue producing them until I am 80. I only change with the length.
They are from XS to L available. I use the XS and S ones. They are super naturally and super soft to wear. You can´t even feel them while wearing.

Lately I found a great foundation from Vichy. It is called Dermablend and it is a correcting foundation. It is absolutely awesome. It is covering up immediately, stays throughout the whole day and is so light to wear. And the best is it so concentrated that you only need a drop per day.
The perfect Lip balm for me in 2015 had been and still is Bee natural. They have 3 flavor. Mango, Pomegranate and Key Lime. Haven´t tried the last one but they are absolutely great. They make super soft hydrated lips for hours and the taste is also really nice.

I always use the same type of perfumes – fresh and flowery – when they are too heavy or too sweat I get a terrible headache. So this year my most used perfurme had been flower by Kenzo. I totally love the smell, I could bath in it.

Shower Gel:
Found the perfect shower gel – with matching body lotion . It is from Yves Rocher – the secret d´essences. It is called Neroli. 
It is a kind of flowery scent.

Body Lotion:

Shampoo and Conditioner:
Haven´t found one which is quite awesome – I tried some of the newer ones from Herbal Essence. The smell is great and they are really affordable but there must be better ones out there. Hopefully.

If you would like recommendations about other beauty products – feel free to ask.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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First Instagram Round Up 2016


so here is my first Instagram Round up for this
year. I am sorry for not posting so regularly since the new year has started.
But there is a whole bunch of stuff I gotta do. I am going to move into my own
house – so there are many things on my to do list these days, but I am trying
to manage them as good as I can.

Brown leather and zigzag tights

I always had been a friend of extraordinary
legwear – especially tights. I paired them with a light brown colored skirt and
a knitted black pullover to set the focus on the legs. I also wore a matching
scarf with a check pattern.

I liked this outfit a lot because it works for
work as well as for a dinner.

Red and black checkered

This outfit was super warm and super
comfortable. I had worn this to the hair dresser and it had to be comfortable
because I got new highlights and I was sitting there for ages. I wore a
destroyed pair of jeans with black booties and a black long cardigan. The focus
had to be on this super soft and awesome scarf. The back has a different
pattern than the front so you

are able to wear it in different ways and there
a lot of colors you can pair it with. And the best it is only 14.95 € from New
Yorker. Gotta be quick.

Orange is key…

This had been the blush that I recommended for
New Years Eve. It is from Catrice and it is or had been Limited Edition. So
maybe it is out of stock already. The jewelry on sale too. The bracelet and the
earrings are no matching line but they kind of looked good together so I put
them onto the picture. They are I am.

Poncho – checkered and grey

I had worn this on New Years Day because I had
to wear something warm and cozy after staying up so long. I was freezing
throughout the whole day because I only got a few hours of sleep and this poncho
kept me warm. It is grey. I know that I have a lot of grey stuff but I think
this is the most versatile color in fashion. This one has got orange stripes in
the checkered pattern.

I paired it with orange jewelry and kept the
rest of the outfit pretty simple in grey.

Long cardigan and a pop of color

This was an outfit I had worn for running some
errands after all the holidays. Going to the grocery store to buy food and
posting some letters. All that stuff you couldn´t do during the holidays. I
kept it pretty simple with this one. A dark colored pair of jeans, a grey long
sleeve and a nice long cardigan with a statement necklace. Black velvet boots (
my favorite ones from Pier One)

and my current obsession – my Dune London
turquoise tote. Always a good idea of adding a pop of color, especially when
the weather is so awful. Since the sunny Christmas days we only had rain and
fog all the time.

Salt´n Pepper and a touch of bronze

I had worn this quite simple outfit on a very
snowy day. I always like a warm knitted cardigan to wear over a thin pullover
or a longsleeve and this oversized one is perfect. The salt´n pepper pattern is
really cool and it actually matches with a lot of different colors. I paired it
with a pair of bootcut jeans and black booties. And of course also a pop of
color. My royal blue

buffalo shopper. I also wanted to show the nail
color. I picked out a bronze one. In my opinion over Christmas time and the
colder months the metal colors like gold, silver and bronze are perfect for any
occasion you have to attend.

Leopard and and a button down

I had worn this outfit to our companies Christmas
party. It was on a Friday and started at lunchtime so didn´t want to be too
fancy. I paired this white and sheer button down with a leopard cardigan and a
dark pair of jeans – fits  for almost
every occasion. Wore it with matching boots. I put my hair up in a big bun and
put on a pair of glittering earrings. Totally enough for this kind of party.

It was a
nice afternoon – sitting together with all the colleagues and talking about
other themes than work. The food was a lot and really good. They had a green
pistachios desert to die for.

Favorite Cardigan and a hint of plum

This was my cinema outfit. I am a big fan of
the Peanuts – and of course I had to watch the new Peanuts movie. I decided to
go with this outfit because I can get cold with the air-condition over a long
time. I had worn my favorite white knit cardigan. I paired it with a boyfriend jeans
and Buffalo booties. You can´t see it in this picture but I had also worn a
plumy hat and a knitted plumy scarf.

Blue glitter and overknees

This is one of my favorite winter evening
outfits. I paired this light blue glitter pullover ( currently on sale at the
H&M kids department) with a pair of dark blue jeans and black overknees and
a boyfriend blazer. I also had a necklace in the same color like the pullover.
We just went out to grab some snacks and a drink at a local restaurant.
Perfectly dressed for this place.

Stripes and a cashmere scarf

This had been my latest Sunday outfit. It was
raining cats and dogs and it was soo cold. I was freezing the whole morning so
I decided to go with a cashmere scarf. You can never go wrong with one. Mine is
from Repeat Cashmere in a soft camel tone. I paired it with a matching striped
longsleeve from H&M and my destroyed jeans from Gina Tricot. As it started
raining I decided to take a hat with me because I was heading to my aunts 77th
birthday. It was very funny. Old people have a lot of great stories to tell…

So guys this was my first Instagram Round Up
for this year. I hope everyone had a nice beginning. Let´s see what is going to
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