The sunny side of life !

Hi guys

it has become summer in about three days so now we are on the sunny and warm side of life. 

Staying outside the whole day, on the beach in the city, in your garden or maybe on a boat if you own one. So it is important to protect your winterwhite skin from the sun. A sunburn is not only uncomfortable it also can be dangerous. You can get really sick for a few days with fever and chills, when you got a terrible one. And it also can support cancer. Sunsreen is important the whole summer but it is indispensable for the first days in the sun.

So today I am showing you a few sunscreens I have been using a while and one I recently found.

Here is a sunspray. It is transparent, so when you spray it on your skin it is not like the sticky lotions it is sheer and more like an sun oil but doen´t have such an oily consistence. I can not explain it in other ways. I am sorry but maybe you know what  I mean.
This one only has a light protection factor so you should use it when you already got a little tan. Before it might not help so much to prevent a sunburn.

Not so expensive. I think it was about 3 Euros from the drug store (DM Market)

This is a sun protection spray for your hair. It is also important to protect your hair from the sun. So you should use one for your hair as well, or you can wear a hat during the whole summer.

It helps a lot particularly when you are on the beach or at a lake. Your wet and salty hair is loosing so much color and moisture through this combination. It helps from drying it out to much.

Here we have a sun oil. I don´t use this one as sun protection . I take it for the evening after being a long day in the sun and tanning. Use it like a body lotion after taking a shower. It leaves a glow on your skin and also makes it a little darker than it really is. That comes from the light shine the oil has. Your skin looks healthy and tanned then. 
(The oil is sheer, only the bottle is brown)

This is a sun milk I ordered from the yves rocher online shop. I usually don´t buy any sun milks at all. I hated it back when I was a kid and all we had was sun milk. It was so sticky and always a bright white lotion. And when you went in the water your skin got so slippery. And the smell…….. oh . So I think you got my point !!!!!

But this one is so thin in comparison to the earlier lotions. It doesn´t have such a high protection factor but it works very well for me.

So you see today there are a lot of different products for the same thing. You gotta find out which one works best for you.

See you. Take care.


Some more statement……

….pieces 🙂

Hi guys,

a few days ago I was at the mall to have a look at the latest H&M jewelry. I got a  bunch of great statementpieces. Necklaces and some bracelets. H&M has gotten so great in jewelry pieces through the past years. The quality is eqaual to the pricing.

Here are some photos of the latest picks. Can´t wait to wear them.

I like to wear them to flattery or tight tops. They work best for shirts without any patterns. If you like you can wear it to other shirts to, but I think they are more outstanding when the only focus of your chest is a big necklace.

Here we have a necklace with big flowers. The leaves are in rose, a greyish black and gold with little orange ornaments. On the back it has golden chains and the clasp with a few more chainlinks to adjust it in the length you want it.

Here are the two bracelets I purchased. Usually I don´t buy any bracelets, because I have one I am always wearing. Maybe you have already seen it. It is a bow with swarowski crystals from namagé.

So here are two sets. 

The left one has 3 bracelets in different colors. In rose, gold and black. The also have different pendants.

The second set has 4 bracelets. They are all the same. They are golden chain bracelets with some kind of stretch in it to put them on. I really like them and have worn them a lot since I got them. They almost fit with every summer dress or top. It depends on the colors you were, but my summer colors are mostly red, pink, yellow, a lot of withe, all kinds of nude.

For this one I was thinking a lot if I should purchase it or not. It is really nice. I like the turquoise color and the kind of old silver material, also the rhinestones.
But the one thing that I was worried about were the kind of spikey turquoise ornaments. I have never had any jewlry with spikes but I wanted to give it a real try because it is such a summer trend color and it makes outfits really fresh.  At the end of the story I might have been wrong all the time because it looks great when it is worn. A good summer piece. Still available.

Here is one that I purchased much earlier than the other stuff but still hadn´t worn it. I put it in this post because it is still in stores and they also have it in red now. Damn it !! 🙁
They also do have matching earrings, but  I think that would be to much to wear it toghether.

The flowers are yellow the chain is golden and very thin and in my opinion very elegant.

I hope I am getting to wear it very soon but it still hasn´t felt right on the last outfits I have been wearing. 

Maybe you know how it feels when you are wearing something and it doesn´t feel right, that can drive you crazy.

Sooo…. last but not least:)
I have been searching almost years for a red necklace. You might think that would be easy. Go in a store, ask for a red necklace and get it. But i really really really couldn´t find one where i liked the whole thing. There has always been a minor detail i disliked and that made it so hard. I love the color red. There isn´t anything I don´t have in red. From shoes to clothing to accessoires. 

Trends: Summer nailpolish colors

Hi guys,

today I am telling you about the trendiest summer nailpolish trends.

I found a little inspration in the instyle germany, the june edition of this year.

The bright redish pinks on one side for evening or work. To combine with basic colors (black, white, dark blue, nude, grey) and on the other the pale distant but versatile pastell nail colors. For the beach, evening events, work or just for your summer clothing. A great supplement for your summer wardrobe.

I really don´t have a favorite color of them. It is a mood thing. Feeling self-confident for wearing bright pinks and reds or feeling light and carefree for the pastells.

Gotta find this out by yourself. But there are a lot of different shades so I am sure that your color is there.

Essie really red
Avon Gel finish polish 

From back side to front

Manhattan and Manhattan
Essie holding back the limo
Essie marshmallow (sheer color, not a bright white)
Yves rocher 


Avon Cosmetics —— Trying some new stuff

Hi Guys

today I´am back on the blog after quite a while and I must admit I really missed it. Posting pictures of new stuff and review´s on them. I haven´t got so much time lately caused by some sort of private problems. But now I am focusing on what I really like to do.

It is a premier today. My first blogpost on english. I decided this a while ago because I wan´t to reach all of you who are interested in reading my blog and german is not really a language which everyone knows. 

So today I´am showing you some new stuff I have recently tried. A lot of Avon. This is the newest brand I caught up on. I must say all the products I have used until now were really good and with some of them I am really obsessed. For example on of the avon naturals body spriz, a body mist. The flavour of it is passionfruit and peonie´s . And I can not get enough of it. The smell is so flowery and fresh. It is total summer. I got this a few months ago so maybe that is the reason why I love it, because it was still winter and I wanted the weather so badly to get better. 

What I tried today was one of the Gel finish nail polishes in a bright and shiny pink. (Color 809)  It dried quickly. I applied it two times. Still dried quickly. Very shiny finish. I don´t know how long it stays until it chips..  So we´ll find out later.

I also purchased two lipsticks. A pink one and the other one is very purply. I was searching quite a while for a color like this and I really like it. It applies very easy and stays a long time. It is also hydrating for your lips so they won´t get dry throughout the day or night.

The next one I have is a highlighter. Or are highlighter pearls. I´ve always been into this kind of highlighters. They look very nice, those cute little pearls rolling arround. And they smell so powdery and parfumed. In my opinion only the highlighter pearls are this special. 🙂 

The last thing that I have is the eyebrow kit. It has two pots. One with clear wax to form your brows. And the other pot contains your eyebrow color. There are different shades to choose. A lighter and a darker one.

So that´s all for todays Avon Theme. I have some new stuff in line. So it won´t take long for the next review. Take care and have a good time. See you 🙂