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I just can´t believe my little girl is turning one soon. CAN´T BELIEVE IT!!! ONE YEAR !!!!

The day I took her home from the hospital is still so very clear to me and now she is crawling and standing and walking very soon and just the sunshine of our every day.

I have thrown three birthday parties for Emilia already and it is the most fun for me to throw a themed party. In another live I probably would become a kid´s party planner. 

So Emilia´s first birthday party was Minnie Mouse but of course I wanted something different for our little girl so I sourced Pinterest and let me tell you there are thousands of great ideas. Really hard to pick one cause normally babies this little don´t have much of a preference but I have found one and am very happy with my choice and of course I am looking forward to putting it all together.


Name Game Party Themes

Wild One


First Bee Day


Baby (Name here) in Onederland


Baby (Name here) is a sweet One

Berry First Birthday – Strawberries


Cute Party Themes

Teddy Bears









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