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The New Year brings lot´s of new projects with it. I planned on changing some little corners around the house plus we want to redecorate Emilia´s nursery to make a shared girls room out of it. Since we are having two girls close in age we decided to give them the big room and put them together.

We recently painted a wall in our living room in the most gorgeous rich caramel color and I love it even more now. I can confidently say that our living room is done after about 1 1/2 years of making small changes. Going to reveal it in the next week (hopefully).

So for our next project I have been gathering ideas and already ordered some wallpaper and small home decoration like pillows and blankets and curtains to get a little closer and coordinate the colors I want to have. Also every time I go around with a folding rule in my hand my husband has a mild panic attack cause he is afraid of what else I am planning to change (anyone else´s too!!).

H&M Home has become a stop shop over the years not only for seasonal decor but also for all kinds of decor, pillows and planters for example. We don´t have a store nearby so I have to order what I like but that´s not a problem at all. Never had shipping issues and the breakable pieces are usually packed really safe.

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