Recent Home Decor Finds to freshen up our Living Room…


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I love home decor. Always have and probably always will but I would lie if I wouldn´t admit that my home decor style has changed drastically over the years. I will also say it has gotten much better. 

For example I loved to paint and decorate every room in a different color. This was not only hard work but also pretty silly cause nothing fit together right and also if there is too much color you will get fed up pretty quick. You can not change decor throughout the rooms and it restricts you to get cute new things from time to time. 

I have changed up a few things lately and wanted to share my recent finds with you. Since sharing my redecorated living room last year I have only made a few very small changes. Amazon has a great selection of home decor. From coffee table books to plant supply to figurines, etc. there probably isn´t anyhting you won´t get.

Do you like to switch up your home decor from time to time? I mean not only seasonally like Fall and Christmas.


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