Master Bedroom Make-Over in Black and Creme…



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Oops, I did it again !!!

I have yet again rededorated and restyled our master bedroom and this time (fingers crossed) it will hopefully be the last time cause I have never been so satisfied and content with it. The last couple of years have been a finding phase. I have always had a vision and loved several looks I had saved on Pinterest but somehow strayed away from that. 

The first time I shared our bedroom here – it was still in its finding phase. The wall was bright orange when we moved in and I just made it work while thinking how I could change it and spice it up so it would be a great fit for us.

The second time I shared our bedroom I changed the color theme to gray and turquoise and I definitely loved it for a while but I often found myself going back to my Pinterest explore page and look at bedroom inspo I had saved for so long. 

This Summer we decided to look for a new and bigger bed because the two girls end up in there every night at some point and for four people it is just too small so I sensed my chance of yet another master bedroom make-over. 

And here we are – done and happy with a big ´ol smile.

Master Bedroom Make-Over

The Color Theme

I find that the black and cream color combo is super soothing and calming. I instantly feel good when I enter the bedroom. Gold accents are spread in the bedroom as well to add that luxurious feel. 


The Decor

The eyecatcher of the room definitely is the gallery wall behind our bed. I love it so much I could just stare at it. The black book shelves stacked with many different sized and colored frames is my favorite part of the room.

Another thing I have loved about our bohemian black and beige bedroom are the fringes and tassels on the curtains and pillows. If we had a cat it would go nuts in there!! I have reused a great amount of decor I had left from other rooms. Also the gallery wall frames are the same. They had been silver in the past but I spray painted them black, as well as the handles of the closet and the curtain rods. Switched out the mirrors, the curtains and the carpet and created a whole new styled and feel for the room as well as a new decor theme.

It feels very inviting and comfy and not cool at all (I think the gray wall color was a big part of that).

The Furniture

I only changed out two pieces of furniture. The little side table in the corner and the chair. The brown leaf shaped side table has been sitting in our attic for years cause I did not want to give it away and now it perfectly serves its new purpose. I had a gray velvet armchair in this corner and it was super cute and comfortable but I sold it and got this new sleek and modern chair for it. Everything else was in the room before. Even the bed although I told y´all we were getting a new one which might take longer than I have anticipated.




Black and Cream Bedroom Inspo…


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We have recently decided to get a bigger bed cause let´s be honest since both of our kids frequently sneak in at night there just isn´t enough space. I do not know which bed we are going to take but I have found a site (you can check it out here with gorgeours beds just like I envisioned) that has the perfect pieces. I want a beige bed and that gives me a great reason to redo our bedroom. I am finally getting a black and creme boho theme and I couldn´t be more excited. 

So since we are still not final our bed decision I have started redecorating around the room. Changing decor. Changing the color of our frames and curtain rods. Searching for new curtains and also decide on a new color for our gray accent wall.

I am very happy with the decor theme I have choosen cause I feel like the color combination is very classic and timeless and I will hopefully love it for a long long time.


All of the Paint Colors we have used in our House…


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After six years we are at a point were I can say we are officially done with painting and decorating our home (although I have found a few things I want to change, but don´t tell my husband). Redecorated certain areas twice but now I am definitely over it. Over painting and over carrying heavy furniture, but this is something I always say but then some time passes and I start all over again.

For today´s post I have rounded-up all of the paint colors we have used in the different rooms and on different accent walls. 

Living Room

Earth 44.148



Forest 52.139


Gallery Wall

Berry 20.124


Guest Room

Heaven 28.055


Girl´s Room

Rose 26.085



Dust 57.080



Recent Home Decor Finds to freshen up our Living Room…


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I love home decor. Always have and probably always will but I would lie if I wouldn´t admit that my home decor style has changed drastically over the years. I will also say it has gotten much better. 

For example I loved to paint and decorate every room in a different color. This was not only hard work but also pretty silly cause nothing fit together right and also if there is too much color you will get fed up pretty quick. You can not change decor throughout the rooms and it restricts you to get cute new things from time to time. 

I have changed up a few things lately and wanted to share my recent finds with you. Since sharing my redecorated living room last year I have only made a few very small changes. Amazon has a great selection of home decor. From coffee table books to plant supply to figurines, etc. there probably isn´t anyhting you won´t get.

Do you like to switch up your home decor from time to time? I mean not only seasonally like Fall and Christmas.


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