How to create a photoworthy background for Valentine´s Day at home…


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Don´t we all strive to take nice photos especially on the special days of the year!!! I personally like aesthetically pleasing picutures and I know not everyone agrees but in my opinion you do have much more joy with this kind of photos than having some trash or toys or anything else in the background you do not want to have. My meassurement of a great backdrop is do I want to frame this picture and have it sit on my sideboard ??!! A question you should ask yourself. If it is no a great homemade backdrop comes in handy and I am going to tell you how to get there.

Photoworthy Background for your Home Photos

For me personally it all starts with the balloon arch and then I go on from there. I make up my mind what colors I would like to have and then I go online and see what they offer. Most times I get a set but sometimes I buy the balloons individually. Totally depends.

So for this photo setup I went with a fringe curtain for the background and worked my way around it with a big balloon garland and some garlands. Since I had so much arch on the left I wanted to balance it out a little and got this flower string on the right. Cute and effective. You could also use this for kids pictures or some photos with your spouse.

The Valentine´s theme had to have bright red and whites and confetti balloons but there are no boundaries in terms of color combinations.


Toddler Art Cart Organization….


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I have shared our art corner in our living room years ago and since we have moved everything into our playroom (reveal coming soon) we have added lots and lots of things to it. I have rearranged it several times but I think it finally looks good the way it is (might change my opinion in a little bit but for now it is all right, also this always depends on what art and crafts materials we have at the moment).

Art Cart Organization

We have the Ikea Rashult cart and it has the perfect size for all of our stuff. It has three stories and we have hanging container on one side to so it holds a lot of stuff.

The hanging container are also from Ikea but you can buy them on amazon or Temu as well. 

Organizing has always been my thing but to be honest it is hard with two small children but definitely manageable. So let´s start with the top storey. I have a little wooden divider (it can be also used for mail or clutches) and I have put all of our sticker and drawing books in there. We have a bunch and this ways we can finally see what we got. 

On the middle storey I have another divider to hold different kinds of papers/sheets. We also have felt sheets and foam rubber sheets here as well as sticker and a little basket for loose sticker and our googly eyes.

You can find all the small things on the lower level like washi tapes, erasers is cute shapes, stencils and anything else that could find a place in an art cart. 

I have got the golden letters on the hanging bins from amazon and it definitely helps to clean up faster and easier when you know where stuff goes. 




Kitchen Organization – Pots, Pans and Junk Drawer….



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Eveyone has it, the most feared drawer in your home- the junk drawer. It is placed mainly in the kitchen, some have another one in their office. We had three in our kitchen and I hated them. Some item was always blocking the drawer so we could almost never open it properly. That get´s the most of me when I need access to get something and am stuck and probably breaking my nail by trying to enter it.

Now this is the past in our household. I conquered the junk drawer and organized the heck out of them, got rid of crap and also ordered little helper from amazon.

Drawer Organization

Pan Organization


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Little storage compartments / pan holder



All Things Gingerbread….


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Maybe you can guess our overall Christmas decor theme from the header – yep, it is gingerbread houses and men. I wanted to do a tree with brown and green and golden ornaments and decor so I thought a little about it and in my opinion the gingerbread will complement it perfectly. 

I have a pretty laid back color teme this year. It is brown, green and gold. I did not start with this many different ornaments but I have found a ton of cute things after setting up the tree so I am still adding to my Christmas tree. I have linked several things I have had my eye on below and some I got for our home. 

Gingerbread House sinsay / Gingerbread Ornaments / Gingerbread House Street / Blush Gingerbread House / Gingerbread Ornaments SheIn / Gingerbread Ornaments mixed Frank Flechtwaren /  

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