How to create a photoworthy background for Valentine´s Day at home…


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Don´t we all strive to take nice photos especially on the special days of the year!!! I personally like aesthetically pleasing picutures and I know not everyone agrees but in my opinion you do have much more joy with this kind of photos than having some trash or toys or anything else in the background you do not want to have. My meassurement of a great backdrop is do I want to frame this picture and have it sit on my sideboard ??!! A question you should ask yourself. If it is no a great homemade backdrop comes in handy and I am going to tell you how to get there.

Photoworthy Background for your Home Photos

For me personally it all starts with the balloon arch and then I go on from there. I make up my mind what colors I would like to have and then I go online and see what they offer. Most times I get a set but sometimes I buy the balloons individually. Totally depends.

So for this photo setup I went with a fringe curtain for the background and worked my way around it with a big balloon garland and some garlands. Since I had so much arch on the left I wanted to balance it out a little and got this flower string on the right. Cute and effective. You could also use this for kids pictures or some photos with your spouse.

The Valentine´s theme had to have bright red and whites and confetti balloons but there are no boundaries in terms of color combinations.

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