Red Velvet Cupcakes for Valentine´s Day…

Happy Friday y´all,
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since Valentine´s Day is right around the corner and I have planned more content than usual for one of my favorite holidays I am starting today with these adorable treats – RED VELVET CUPCAKES. I love red velvet cake. It is my favorite flavor ever and probably won´t change.
First I wanted to make a whole cake but after thinking on how to serve it little cupcakes came in a lot more handy for this purpose.
The deep red of the batter and the soft and delicious vanilla frosting topped with tiny pink sugar hearts make them the perfect little cake to gift to your collegues, family, friends or even enjoy all by yourself. 
I have made red velvet cake several times but have never been a 100% satisfied and that was because of the color. If you have the wrong color when the batter is still raw it will turn out more pink than red and that is never what I was going for. It was back in August last summer when I found a food coloring paste from Wilton and it changed my baking forever. 
It it super high pigmented and it also has the consistency of jello so it won´t dilute your dough at all but color very nicely. I know it says icing color on the packaging but that works just fine.If you are also bothered by food color a lot you should get it. They have over 10 colors and I think they might be as good as this one.
Not only do I love the holiday because of its meaning, I also don´t mind that the color combination of pink and red is going to be even more popular these days.
What is your favorite cake ? Do you have one?
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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