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Hi guys,
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after all the hurly-burly the last couple of week including birthdays, our wedding and our honeymoon I have finally found the time to read the books I have wanted for so long and also share my September reading list with you.
In fact I first wanted to read all the books I bought recently and review them in one huge book review but there is now ways I am gonna make it any soon and now is the time where – at least I do so – we have to/can spend much more time inside and cuddle up and read a book.
I do have a Kindle and I have to admit I don´t use it at all. I need a real book in my hand and I want my books where I can see them and that is a shelf in my office.
So for today I am reviewig four books I have currently read:
Girl on the Train // I feel like this is such a basic book everyone already read but I also included it into my round-up cause it was new to me. I didn´t watch the movie either but I have to admit I wanted to read the book before. Movies sometimes destroy a lot of your imagination (Harry Potter for example). The book was great and I would totally recommend it and read it all over. I loved the perspective of the writing. Picturing her before and after her actions and working up the things she forgot. Also sometimes it has been a little annoying to take a step back after she already moved on.
Behind Closed Doors // This was awesome. I would totally recommend it to everyone who loves a good crime book. It was exciting the whole time and kept me super suspicious with all the people in the book and the action they took. You never know who is wrong and who knows it all. Great until the end with a unexpected twist at the end.
The Last Mrs. Parrish // To be honest I just started this one but I think it is going to be interesting. It is about a girl who thinks she deserves a better live and wants to steel a husband from another women. So she manages to frequently show up in their lives. That is all I know from now but it´s all about lying and sheeming and I hope this is going to be a great thriller.
The Girl with no past // Oh boy. This was very hard to get into it. It is switching a lot between the past and the now but isn´t telling you anything you really want to know. But after reading through it came on pretty strong after finally knowing what has happened in the past.

These are all the books I have read from August and September (I wanted to read so much more but I think this has to wait until the evenings are dark and cold and I can stay inside without feeling guilty by not being outside). I have ordered about 6 new books with my last order so stay tuned there is going to come a lot of fall mystery your way.

 Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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