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Happy Friday guys, 
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it is, isn´t it?! Fall is in full season, leaves are changing, fog is hanging heavy over the meadows in the mornings, the air is crips and fresh. Oh I could go on with this for many more lines.

But let´s have a look at this traditional treat. I know that summer is officially over – for both weather and season – so making s´mores over a firepit isn´t quite possibly anymore. So this recipe is for all my summer missing readers and chocolate fanatics. Just transform your s´mores into a pie and serve for coffee time or after a homemade cooked meal.

It isn´t hard at all and doesn´t take to long and believe me the taste brings back those summer bonfire nights vibes.

So let´s get bakin´..


for the crust
– I used full grain Leibnitz biscuits – 2 cups
– 1/2 cup butter

Maybe a little less or a little more of both, keep mixing up until it is sticky and make a great base for the crust

for the filling
– 2 eggs
– heavy cream 1/2 cup
– milk (I used oatmilk) 1/2 cup
– 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extact
– little bit of salt
– chocolate crumbled (use a sharp knife) 1 1/2 half cups

for the topping
– marshmallows (mini and normal size)
 – (any sauce you like to drizzle it with for serving)
How to
– melt the butter and crumble the crust, stir together and push into your pie pan 
– bake the crust for 10 minutes at 160 degrees
– add the heavy cream, milk and chocolate in to a sauce pan and let is melt slowly at medium heat
– add the eggs and vanilla and stir together
– pour the filling into your pie pan and bake another 20 minutes
– the filling should not wobble anymore by taking it out of the oven
– add marshmallows on top and again put it into the oven for about
– change menu to grill function and watch your cake (when the heat of the grill funtion kicks in it takes about 15 to 20 SECONDS until your marshmallows are ready) otherwise your topping is going to be burnt or on fire
– serve warm in the pan
– drizzle with sauce if you like
The weather is getting warm on the weekends (only in the afternoons) so this would be a great last possibilty to relieve those summer vibes
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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