Simple Last Minute Easter Pretzel Treats…


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Are you invited to an Easter brunch and looking for a cute and Easter themed little hostess gift you could bring ? I have made these chocolate covered pretzels last week and they have been a total hit within my family so I am sure that they would be a nice treat to gift as well.

In fact they are a great treat year round cause they are easy to adjust to the season and holiday. I went with different glass jars to put them in and added little Easter ornaments like eggs and carrots. 

Now on to the recipe which is fairly easy. All you need are pretzels, white chocolate and sprinkles (in this case Easter themed) and you are good to go.

Just melt the chocolate and dip your pretzels half side into it. Sprinkles on top and then let it cool off and harden for about half a day. Now they are ready to pack up and gift or just to eat by yourself.

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