Tomato Soup – Tasty and simple

Hi guys

today I have a great recipe for you. One I am loving and cooking a lot especially in fall and winter time.

It is a tomato  soup – doesn´t sound that special but this one is great and it is not only tomatoes.

What you need is:

Tomatoes (I take the canned ones cause they taste the same and they are ready to go)
Cream cheese
some white wine
olive oil
and of course the spices you like the most
(I took pepper, salt, chili and some dried parsley)
Cut the apples and onions – can still be big pieces 

Put some olive oil into a pot and fry the onions, the garlic and the apples for about 5 minutes

Mix some water, white wine and 2 tbls. of the broch powder (about 500 ml)

Put it into the cooking vegetables in the pot and let it cook about 10 minutes

Put the caned tomatoes into the pot and let it cook for another 20 minutes
Use the blender to make a soup out of it

Put the cream cheese into the pot – the heat of the soup will melt the cream cheese

and of course spice it up as you like but be careful – it gets more intense when you heat it up the next day

Et voila – enjoy a warm and delicious winter soup 

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