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….pieces 🙂

Hi guys,

a few days ago I was at the mall to have a look at the latest H&M jewelry. I got a  bunch of great statementpieces. Necklaces and some bracelets. H&M has gotten so great in jewelry pieces through the past years. The quality is eqaual to the pricing.

Here are some photos of the latest picks. Can´t wait to wear them.

I like to wear them to flattery or tight tops. They work best for shirts without any patterns. If you like you can wear it to other shirts to, but I think they are more outstanding when the only focus of your chest is a big necklace.

Here we have a necklace with big flowers. The leaves are in rose, a greyish black and gold with little orange ornaments. On the back it has golden chains and the clasp with a few more chainlinks to adjust it in the length you want it.

Here are the two bracelets I purchased. Usually I don´t buy any bracelets, because I have one I am always wearing. Maybe you have already seen it. It is a bow with swarowski crystals from namagÊ.

So here are two sets. 

The left one has 3 bracelets in different colors. In rose, gold and black. The also have different pendants.

The second set has 4 bracelets. They are all the same. They are golden chain bracelets with some kind of stretch in it to put them on. I really like them and have worn them a lot since I got them. They almost fit with every summer dress or top. It depends on the colors you were, but my summer colors are mostly red, pink, yellow, a lot of withe, all kinds of nude.

For this one I was thinking a lot if I should purchase it or not. It is really nice. I like the turquoise color and the kind of old silver material, also the rhinestones.
But the one thing that I was worried about were the kind of spikey turquoise ornaments. I have never had any jewlry with spikes but I wanted to give it a real try because it is such a summer trend color and it makes outfits really fresh.  At the end of the story I might have been wrong all the time because it looks great when it is worn. A good summer piece. Still available.

Here is one that I purchased much earlier than the other stuff but still hadn´t worn it. I put it in this post because it is still in stores and they also have it in red now. Damn it !! 🙁
They also do have matching earrings, but  I think that would be to much to wear it toghether.

The flowers are yellow the chain is golden and very thin and in my opinion very elegant.

I hope I am getting to wear it very soon but it still hasn´t felt right on the last outfits I have been wearing. 

Maybe you know how it feels when you are wearing something and it doesn´t feel right, that can drive you crazy.

Sooo…. last but not least:)
I have been searching almost years for a red necklace. You might think that would be easy. Go in a store, ask for a red necklace and get it. But i really really really couldn´t find one where i liked the whole thing. There has always been a minor detail i disliked and that made it so hard. I love the color red. There isn´t anything I don´t have in red. From shoes to clothing to accessoires. 

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