Huge Instagram Round up….

Hi guys

it´s been such a long time since I had done a round-up of my Instagram outftis for you. There is still lots of stuff going on. As you might know we went to Italy for vacation and right after coming back we celebrated my honeys birthday at his parents house with lots of cake and a Barbeque. Lince Dance Training has started again for me and there are still things to do round the house. Getting the outside ready for Winter and getting the last rooms ready to share with you. We also planned our next short trip to Prague, Czech Republik for Christmas shopping – so there is still time until we are going. I also hosted another Dinner Party which was a lot of preparation. Picking a theme and creating a nice and inviting dinner space. And of course which food I wanted to serve. It is always in the details with this kind of evenings but it is also so much fun. Soccer has started again for my honey too. I had to learn for my final exams and so on and so on.

There are lots of fall outfits I just posted on Instagram and didn´t make an outfit shoot but here they are  – hope you enjoy browsing through. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you. Love K. 


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