Staying at home….

Hi dolls,

 during the years and getting older (I am not old now but I am also getting older too) I beacame such a homebody. If you would have asked me a few years ago I never would have prefered spending a Saturday or Sunday at home than going somewhere day and night but I think that time has mostly passed. I like going out for dinner or at birthday parties and motto parties but I like to be at home at midnight and not until 4 in the morning. 

I like it cozy on Saturdays. Making a big breakfast for us. Enjoying my coffee while reading the newspaper, my beloved Instyle magazine or browsing through different blogs on the internet. Also a few years ago I would go to the mall, to lunch and to coffee on one day which means stress to me now – rushing from one apointment to another.  
I can clearly say I enjoy my time at home more now than some years ago and especially since we moved into the house and we are ready now with the furnishing. 
Here are some of my favorite cozy things I like to use and to wear staying at home.

Blanket – bonprix / Pullover – H&M  / Socks – H&M
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you.

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