Summer Mini Dress….


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Although Summer is in full swing the Summer sales have started everywhere and let me tell you there are some good deals. I got this dress from Asos some weeks ago and the sales have gotten even better. Placed a huge order on cute shirts and tops for Summer that will hopefully flatter my postpartum body.

I have never been a huge fan of mini dresses but this works pretty well on me (I am 1,64 m, 5´5). I has a crocheted bust area and is looser in the tummy area which is great if you want to hide a little bump. The sleeves are nothing but ordinary but I love a dramatic sleeve no matter the season.

The flower print mustn´t be a surprise for you guys if you have read the last posts I wrote. I am embracing it to the fullest this Summer and also pink. Flowers and pink – best together.

Are you guys still shopping for Summer or are you craving cooler temps and Fall. I am very tempted to start prepping posts for Fall but we have planned a small vacation in the middle of September and I really don´t want to kill the mood. Don´t know what to do now other than brainstorm ideas for Fall fashion posts to share will all of you.

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