Rethinking 2016….

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve just how you liked to spend it  and I am wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
Todays day might be a good one for rethinking the last year and making plans for the upcoming one as far as its possible to step in lifes way.
But on which base are we chosing our new new years resolutions. On bad experiences from the last year or on new things we would like to try out ? There are many backgrounds for this questions and this really differs for anyone.The main reason for chosing a resolution is that you want to improve something in your live or you want a complete change. But between deciding on and implementing something you have planned for yourself is a notable long road. But it is all about enduring, concentration and focussing on what you really want or would like to achive. It might be easier if you are a duo in some things to push and get pushed forward but that´s not a solution for anything your are planing.
Here is my Spotify List for thinking deep. I called it Rainy Days but it also works for today or any other days. I do like a little drama to the songs I am listening.
As always thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. 

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