Diaper Bag Organization for a Toddler…


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Having a toddler of two years now doesn´t mean I am carrying less with me than having a newborn baby. Although the things are really different a toddler definitely requires a lot of stuff too.

Especially when you have an active one like we do. I always have a change of clothes for Emilia with us as well as a towel, some burp clothes, lots of wipes and snacks. Having all things diaper change with us hasn´t changed, only the size of the diapers. 

To be honest I have tried a fair share of diaper bags and non-diaper bags I wanted to make work but haven´t been very satisfied with either solution. Most of the diaper bags are just too small and I can not fit all the things in there and that totally annoys me. Then I got an insert for the Neverfull (I have the large one) but this wasn´t the perfect solution as well and I didn´t like it as much as I wished cause I wanted a bag that closes with a zipper.

Then I have found out about the MC Wallace but I was hesitant at first cause it is pricey but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, big enough to fit all of our stuff and available in lots of colors.

My model is the MC Wallace Large MetroTote in color Magnet. I do not have the Deluxe Edition cause I don´t need the shoulder straps as the handles are wide enough to wear over the shoulder.

I got the dark grey color cause it matches our stroller really good but I was eyeing with the shiny golden color as well. The Metro Tote closes with a zipper and stays closed on its own which I appreciate very much. It fits lots of Emilia´s stuff and will also come in very handy when we have to carry baby no. 2´s things as well. 

So far I have never looked bag and didn´t regret getting it at all. It really is a great bag and would also make an amazing bag for a weekend away or for travelling on a plane. It still looks brand new although we use it every day.

How I organize our diaper bag

As far as organizing goes I love to use those document folders that close with a zipper. I got different sizes for to store and organize all the different things in the bag. I hate searching  a bag up and down for things. This is really irritating for me and makes me super angry.

To make it even easier to find stuff (even for the husband) I got a bunch of cute little sticker tags from an etsy shop and I definitely love how it turned out. I got one for snacks, books, pens and cards, extra clothes, wipes and small medical things.