Kids Halloween Party – Food, Decor, Goodie Bags and our Costumes…


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We had our kids Halloween party yesterday and I would say it was a total success. All of the little ones had so much fun and loved all of our activities.

But let´s start at the very beginning- the decor:


I of course went right to amazon and searched for Halloween baloon arch. The most beautiful color combos showed up and was deciding between neon green and purple as a fourth color but ultimately went with purple cause Emilia loves this color. 

The little character baloons are also amazon. Most of our decor like the tombstones and animals as well as the table cloth and fake flowers are really old and have been used for years (going to link similar things). 


We served lots of snack like foods (you can see all about it on Instagram) cause this way they could whenever they wanted.


Since they are all pretty young I didn´t plan activities that would take super long so instead I got some really cool things to do. I ordered a bunch of spooky tattoos from amazon and they have been a huge hit for every age. Helena got three and was holding super still while applying. The other thing I got had been a soft dart board with velcro balls to throw at. It had all kinds of Halloween characters on it and it was a huge hit as well cause the kids played to get candy. Coloring has also always been a huge hit so I went on the internet and got a bunch of cute templates with mummies, witches and ghosts. These three things have been enough between eating cake and playing so there was not a dull moment for even a moment.


Emilia has given us the themes of our cosutmes. We had to be bats and pumpkins, the very epitomes of Halloween. I really loved the theme and we dressed accordingly. The adult costumes are all amazon and the kids costumes have been H&M.


Goodie Bags

I love to put together goodie bags. I just love it. Many people dread this task but it is my favorite after putting up the decor. I have found so many cute Halloween themed things, mostly at Kik and Tedi (these two are probably closest to the dollar store than any other store).

Things to fill your Halloween goodie bags: 

– little skeletons 

– Halloween themed sticker

– Halloween themed candy

– Monster figurines

– orange plop it bracelets


Kids Halloween Costume Ideas…


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Aren´t babies in Halloween costumes the cutest things you have ever seen ?? I just love how adorable you can dress your kids for spooky night and how many options there are out there. It is not just princess and police officer anymore.

We are having a kids Halloween party later that month and Emilia has choosen our costumes. It is bat for her and I and pumpkin for my husband and her little sister.

All of these are amazon so you will get them in time for any Halloween festivity.



Scary Red Riding Hood Costume…


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Halloween is right around the corner and I still have so much things to share with you guys so I am starting the week with a spooky woman´s costume for your creepy party or trick or treatin´with your kids. 

I personally think on Halloween it should be a creepy costume that scares others or at least one that is not super pretty.

The deadly red riding hood costume had been sitting in my attic for years but it still works great. It is a fairy tale and for that it will work forever and ever. It would say it is a classic in the costume section. 

It looks like you have encountered a fight with the big bad wolf and there are tears everywhere. To make it a little cooler and I added black net tights and a pair of lug boots. A very cool deadly and modern red riding hood.



Halloween Couples Costume – Jurassic Park – Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler….


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I wanted to do a couples costume for Halloween for so long now, whether a mommy and me or a grown up couples costume and we have finally planned it and shot it ahead in time for one of my favorite days of the year. I was so happy the whole time I almost couldn´t contain my excitement. So thankful for a husband who does all these crazy things I love with me.

Our first couples costume could of course be no other than the power duo from my most watched movie ever – Jurassic Parc. All my hardcore fans know about whom we are talking here right !!! Of course, Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler. The paleontologists who rock. 

I was able to use everything we got from our closets which made the whole costume idea even easier. Only our dinosaur egg was new.

Jurassic Park Couples Costume

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Dr. Sattler

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Dr. Grant 

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Pants and denim shirt H&M

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