Helena´s Baptism…


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I am finally coming around to share the details of our little girl back in November. But shortly after the holiday craziness started and we had been pretty sick the majority of December.

Anyways let´s start with Emilia´s baptism. It was as girly as can be. I had everything – from the cake to the flowers, the candles and the party favors in a light pink shade. I was fulfilling my wildest girl dreams and it looked amazing. You can read all about Emilia´s Baptism here.

For Helena´s baptism I wanted eucalyptus to be the main plant and color. I always start with the invitations with a color and theme I would like. But you can read more about How I plan Family Festivities here.

My MIL made the flower bouquets and to be honest these are the most beautiful I have ever seen. The really put a florists work to shame. I wanted to go big with 5 flower bouquets cause flower elevate the table decor much more than anyhting else. Of course sequins shouldn´t be missed when I am hosting so I got these pretty emerald table runner from etsy. 

The hardware around like white etagérès, the cupckae stand and the golden candle holder are all from amazon and frequently used in our home.

Cake and cupcakes have been so so good. I always order them from a café called Orlando di´Lassi in Regensburg. I will never go back cause the inside tastes as good as the outside looks.

The next family party I am planing is Emilia´s birthday, but it will be a little harder this year cause I can not pick the theme I would like. We´ll see. 



Baby and Toddler Christmas and Winter Books….


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Emilia loves books. Always has and now with her getting older she appreciates them even more. She can now look at them herself and even tell us some made-up stories. 


Classic Books

Interactive / Lift the flaps Books


Baby Books


Hidden Objects Books


Animal Books

Advent Calendar Books

Movie Based Books



What to put into your Toddler´s advent calendar…


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Buying little gifts and frills is one of my favorite things to do for Emilia cause she is always so amazed even by the smallest things like little figurines a piece of chocolate or stickers.

The advent calendar I got is the prettiest I have ever seen anywhere (you can buy it here – I have the XXL version). It looks like a huge pile of presents. Each one different in color and decoration but all equally pretty. This will we used for years and I can get Helena one as well when she is old enough. This type of advent calendar is great cause as the interests change you can adjust the little things you will be filling it.

She really gets it now that it helps counting down the days until Christmas Day. It is going to be so cute opening a door every morning seeing her excitement but I am still going to put it away every morning cause you never know with these nosy toddler!!

What to put into your toddler´s advent calendar…

– Playmobil 123 or Duplo figurines (I have broken up little sets and divided it)

– Schleich animals

– stickers

– little Play-Doh´s (the confetti and glitter ones are super small and fit most doors)

– wooden food for play kitchen

– doll clothes / accessories (I have broken up an outfit with pants, shirts and shoes into three days)

– doll bottles or pacifiers

– little match box cars (for boys)

– other figurines they would love to play with (I got some from Peppa Pig as well)



Mother´s Day Gift Guide…


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Mother´s Day is right around the corner ( exactly 6 days away) so I wanted to share a little gift guide with y´all including lot´s of pieces I would be happy to receive (or already have) plus they will arrive before Sunday so that is another yay here.

Although I think there shouldn´t just be one day where mom´s are appreciated cause we really do it all but it is nice to have a full day.

Weekender Bag // Just got this in and I love it. It is super spacious and would also make a great diaper bag is you have more children and lots of stuff to carry. It is customizable so you can also get your name or initials.

Embroidered Denim Jacket // How adorable is this embroidered and embellished denim jacket. It is pricey but I mean a denim jacket is a timeless staple and once a mom always a mom so this would work for years to come.

Mama Tumbler // This is acutally a sticker download you can stick to any kind of tumbler you would like. A great idea for a last minute gift.

Mama Sweater // I have several mom sweaters and they are great for a casual style or a at home look. Why not show that you are a mom. 

Customizable Robe // Available in lots of color and customizable on the back. You can have the name of your mom or just mom on the back. 

Rituals Set // The Sakura is my favorite of all the Rituals scents. It is subtle but oh so good and stays on for a long time. Also the sets always come in the most adorable gift boxes.

Mom Mug // A super cute mug for the everyday coffee or tea drinker.

Mom Life T-Shirt // I got this the year I became a mom and I still love it. Available in a several colors but the pink was my favorite.

Mama Necklace // I got this the time around I was pregnant with Emilia and still wear it till today. It is small and dainty and will fit in great with your everyday jewelry.

Photo Memory Box // We have thousands of photos on our phones but never print any but this would make the perfect opportunity to print out all the pretty and memorable picutres from years ago and it is also a pretty gift box to collect further pictures.

Most of the pieces are still available until Saturday.