Random Drug Store Lipsticks I ordered to try…


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I am a huge lipstick gal and there is not much to say to this. I love lipsticks. I never leave the house without any and if I am at home I am also wearing at least gloss or a tinted balm so over the years I have gotten quite the experience which products / brands I love and what not.

So for today´s post I went on the internet and randomly ordered all of the lipsticks in the picutre to review them for you.  It was really fun to just choose by color. And we all know (or at least if you have been following a while) that I don´t need another new lipstick cause I probably have enough to last for a lifetime but this has also been a fun challenge.

All of the lipsticks / glosses can be found at the drug store and are under 10 Euro. They are all from well known beauty brands but we all know that this doesn´t has to mean that they are made from good quality.

Maybelline Lifter Gloss 006 Reef – These are amazing. A great gloss, not sticky at all, highly pigmented, holds up well for a gloss and available in so many pretty colors.

Maybelline Lifter Gloss 17 Cooper – Same here. The prettiest bronze color. Looks way darker than it actually is. Holds up great as well. If you want to look it more intense I would wear a nude lipstick underneath.

elf bite size lip balm Berry Bae – The idea of this cute little tinted lip balm is good but is is too bulky to apply without smudging the whole time so that is definitely a no. The color is not very pigmented but it is a lip balm. But you could totally use it as a cream blush. 

NYX Liquid Suede Gloss – 

elf Lip Plumping Gloss Bahama Mama – Super light. Not noticeable without a lipstick underneath. I am wearing Summer Saigon from MAC underneath the gloss and it turned out really good. The gloss itself is not sticky at all and easy to apply but if you don´t like the feeling a plumping gloss leaves on your lips I would not recommend it.

elf Sheer Slick Dragon Fruit – Amazing pigmentation. The perfect pink shade for Summer. Not matte. Goes on super easy. Not very long lasting but cute for the price.

Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon 30 Seek Adventure  I have used their crayons for years now and still love them. Highly pigmented, long lasting, goes on very smooth. 

Got2B Mattified Lipstick Tropical Beauty  Very pigmented. Not drying at all. Dries of matte. The orange shade is super vibrant but cute for Summer on brown skin. 

Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Cinnamon Spice – A adorable berry shade, a little too dark for Summer but very pigmented. The color didn´t show very good on the website. The cheapest of all the lipsticks I got. It goes on very smooth. Dries of matte but I would say it is definitely drying out your lips so use a lip balm underneath.

elf SRSLY Satin Taffy Caramel – The color is the prettiest rosewood shade. Goes on very smooth. Doesn´t dry of matte. Very affordable. Not long lasting but totally worth it. 


Very Berry – How do wear Dark Lipstick…


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I love my lipsticks and I definitely love to wear a bold lip. It is a statement and oh so beautiful. Period. There is nothing more to add but the bolder and darker the lipstick, the trickier it is to apply it perfectly and make it stay all day.

For today´s post I am sharing how I wear this very berry color and what are the steps to get to this edgy look. 

Milani Brandy Berry / MAC Rebel / Sephora #lipstories Golden Gate / bare minerals bare pro Blackberry

Scrub, scrub, scrub…

First of all these are the perfect months to wear darker lipstick but these are also the month my lips couldn´t be drier. I have to things I love to do in the evening and mornings. First of all there is no way to hold on to your smooth lips without a scrub. Wearing lipstick everyday and removing your make-up in the evening is taking a huge tool on the hydration of your lips so a lip scrub it is. 

Hydration is key…

After a good srcub hydration is key to keep your lips smooth and free from chopping. This Rituals Rescue Lip Balm is my favorite and I always have a back-up in my drawer. It is this good and the quickest remedie for extremly chapped lips.



Like with all the dark colors you will need a liner to keep the color inside of your lips and stop it from smudging. Also lining your lips first and fill in the color after will make less of a mess I promise. Looks strange but is very effective and there is nothing to correct after.

The colors I have shared above are my four favorite berry colored lipsticks I have owned and loved for a long time. 


Lipstick Dupes #2…

Welcome to my second lipstick dupe blog post. I love my lipsticks and to be honest I would rather go out the door in my pj´s than without lipstick. Since I have so many it was enough to share a secon dupe post with you to give you some options at all price points.

Enjoy reading.

The “Oranges” – to be honest my favorite color for my lips. Never met an orange lipstick I didn´t like. These three are my go-to´s.

Sephora #lipstories 62 Palm Street / Maybelline New York Color Sensational Spices Hot Sauce 270 /MAC Chili


The “Pinks” have been my ultimate Summer color for years but since I have red hair I stepped back from the vibrant pinks and incorporated lots of berry hues or blush tones. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Mat Faint for Fuchsia 945 / Sephora #lipstories Barbie Swag 55 / MAC Candy Yum Yum


The “Reds” are the perfect companions for all things nautical in the Summer, all things black at date night and the upcoming holidays. 

NYX Mat Lipstick Perfect Red / Sephora #lipstories A little magic / MAC Ruby Woo


The “Pink Nudes” would make a fine descripton for this category. These are the lipsticks when nothing else matches and I don´t want to add a lot of color to my look.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid Lip in Friendship / Maybelline New York Color Sensational Spices Pink Salt 235 / L´Oreal Paris Mahagony Studs 636



Lipstick Dupes #1…


Happy Hump Day you guys,

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I just love my lipsticks. Even stupid Covid could not keep me from wearing lipstick at home while #selfdistancing and also not from wearing my beloved lipsticks when heading out somewhere and wearing a mask (which let´s be honest is pretty much everywhere these days). I have all kinds of brands and colors and sometimes I come across a color in my drawer that is pretty similar or even the same to another one but less expensive. To be honest this happended quite often, especially after organizing my lipstick drawer and so I went on the search for “pairs”.

This post is in particular interesting if you don´t want to spend a fortune on a lipstick. MAC is pretty expensive as well as the luxury brands Charlotte Tilbury and YSL. I understand it completelty if you are not willing to pay 30 Euro and up for a lipstick especially if you aren´t wearing it all the time so I came up with this lipstick dupe blog post. I have found quite many similar colors so I am going to share another post very soon. I thought splitting it up would be easier cause to much input can be so overwhelming and just annoying.

MAC Matte Persistence // L´Oréal Color Riche Ultra Matte No Cage


Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk // MAC Velvet Teddy // Love Lip Affair in 501 Gesine´s Rosewood


L´Oréal Color Riche Matte in 640 Erotique // e.l.f liquid matte lipstick in Tea Rose  // YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 92 Rosewood Supreme

e.l.f liquid matte lipstick  in praline // MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Burnt Spice

These have been all the nude and pinky nude colors I have found so far. The next lipstick dupe post will be a mixed version. See you soon.