All the details to Emilia´s Minnie Mouse Birthday Party…


Happy Friday you guys,

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the weekend is finally here and also the pictures of Emilia´s first birthday are back. How adorable has the Minnie Mouse theme been? The cake I ordered was so cute I almost cried when I cut into it. Also the cupcakes were the most precious I have ever seen.

I wanted to share all the items and info with you guys here on the blog cause I got some questions and sharing it on here means it stays on my platform forever.

The theme I decided was Minnie Mouse for my little girl cause I think it is an absolute gorgeous theme for a girl´s birthday party plus we gave a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal to her some months ago and she takes it everywhere she goes so I thouht the theme would be on point as she already knows and likes her mouse plus her mommy is a huge Disney fan.

And I know it only was her first birthday party and I probably went a little overbord but so what. We have been in lockdown for so long and restricted to do so much I wanted to have the most beautiful first birthday for her even if she won´t remember it. There will always be tons of photos and items for her keepsake box.

What to include into a Minnie Mouse birthday party

The Cake

The first thing I always think about when choosing a party theme is the cake. I love cakes and the looks of them and always wanted to have a tree-tier birthday cake for my child. Now I can finally have those. I have found various pictures of Minnie Mouse cakes on Pinterest and ordered a mix between 4 or 5 different cakes. 

Is one cake enough or is more required. To be honest the huge cake would have been enough cause we only invited the grand-parents due to the Corona restrictions but I wanted the little cupcakes too. A baker nearby make those and they tasted so so good plus how cute are the little cookie ears in the buttercream?!

The Decor

So party decor is right up my alley. In fact all decor is but who is counting. I get most of my party decor from Pink Dots Party Store. They have sorted their items by themes and/or color and you know me – I love great organisation. 

Here is what I got from Pink Party Dots:

red/white/black rosettes / red photo backdrop garland / red dot napkins / black dot napkins

The table decor includes some things from amazon as well as etsy. These three are my go-to for every party. The cupcake etagere is from amazon and holds 24 pieces. The black sequins tablecloth is from etsy. It is huge and looked so pretty. The Minnie Mouse letters are a download from etsy. I went to a copy shop to print them on thicker paper to cute them out and make garland for Emilia out of it. To be honest I was very proud of myself cause it turned out great.

The Photo Backdrop

Who wouldn´t want a huge ballon arch occupying their living room days before the party!!! No just kidding I loved our ballon arch. It was easier to assemble than I thought and I did it with a friend of mine and to say we were pretty damn proud of ourselves would be an understatement. I got the ballon kit off of amazon plus the band to attach the ballons. The whole ballon arch concept is self-explaining once you unpacked it all. And one more thing – if you are planning on doing one you need to get an electric pump otherwise you won´t make it out alive. It still took us some time with the mashine but at least it didn´t take our breath. Since I am no one for white walls I added the red photo backdrop garland (used the same one for NYE) and really like the way it looked. This was smash cake area and it looked so great in the pictures. Highly recommend getting one of these for any kind of backdrop you would need. They are inexpensive and so easy to hang.

The birthday girl´s outfit

Our little birthday girl had two outfits. One for her great entrance including the cake smashing and one to be clean and comfortable after. I got this adorable red polka dot tulle skirt on amazon and it came with a black onesie. It is really small. I couldn´t close the onesie and I also had to add more elastic to the skirt. It is one size fits all, if you are ordering the next size there will be a two on the onesie. It was okay for us cause I tucked the onesie into the tights and she only wore it for about an hour and didn´t seem uncomfortable. The second outfit was her comfy theme look. I got this red polka dot set on amazon as well and I was just as cute as the first. I ordered the 90 cm which was still a little big but better than the other way around. 

The Sentimentals

Since it was her first birthday I printed some pictures of her as a newborn and added the date. It is a personal touch and a very emotional experience to do so but I loved going through all of her newborn pictures.

Congratulaions for staying with me. It was such a long post but there were lots of details and I had so much fun planning it all for her even if we didn´t have guests other than the grand-parents. Hopefully next year will be different. 

Wishing you a happy weekend. See you.



Tacco Bar and Happy Birthday to my soon to-be husband – mexican fiesta birthday party theme…

plates big and plates small Pink Dots / garland amazon / pompoms and birthday garland / cacti garland Pink Dots 


Hi guys, 
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Tuesday two days ago marked the 4th of September which means we were celebrating my soon to be husband´s birthday. 

It was a special birthday, not the number, but the last one without a
“wife”. We are getting married next week and I am so looking forward to
it. Can´t wait to be married to this awesome man I love so much and
spend the rest of our lives together hopping from one adventure to
another or even sitting on the sofa watching one Netflix series after

I am wishing him again a great year of 28 (we celebrated with
family and friends over at our house). He really enjoyed his party and had a great night.

I am quite sure by now you have recognized our party theme. I wanted to go with a Mexican Fiesta theme and have a tacco bar. A tacco bar is like a buffet but only is stocked with foods that go perfectly into and with your tacco.

I really love Mexican food and everyone else loved it too. The guacamole and the salsa was homemade by me (you can view the salsa recipe here and the guacamole contained avocado, garlic, cream cheese and salt and pepper). I also offered red peppers, green jalapenos, tomatoes, scallions, salad, corn, kidney beans, two kinds of cheese and chicken and minced meat spiced with tacco seasoning from Fuego. The tacco shells where from the same brand and totally fine. I got them from amazon with lots of other practical stuff like the tacco shell holder to present them properly and also a warmer with two oven dishes to keep the meat warm and enjoyable. 

For dessert I planned on making a fruit salad and of course Florian´s birthday cake. Also my mom made rum balls from the leftover dough. I used half a melon as fruit bowl which is always cool and guests love that. The rum balls fit perfectly on the etagere and looked so pretty in their colorful chocolate papers. For the birthday cake I had this cake as a model. It isn´t the same but wasn´t bad either and in the end I decided to go with cream cheese frosting rather than with fondant. I added the wooden number to the cake which gave it extra stability and little sugar cacti.

Most of the party supply I am using is from Pink Dots Party Store or from amazon. The variety can not be found anywhere else.

There are so many themes to choose from and I think I have some pretty good ideas for a Halloween party. Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.