Colored pants and navy….

Hi guys

you may have recognized that I am crazy for everything patterned and colorful. Still and probably forever. So it won┬┤t be a surprise that those pants have a bright and colorful pattern. It might be kind of a Bollywood pattern. This outfit was so comfortable that I felt like wearing pyjamas the whole day.

Top – H&M Basics
Pants – from Croatia
Cardigan – from Italia
Shoes – Tamaris
Bag – David Jones
(sorry for the crooked pics and the bush ­čś« )

Wishing everybody a great day

Take care. See you. Love K.

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They call me Yellow Mellow…

Hi guys

since summer came back to us in its fullest (still up to 30 degrees during the day – and I am sooo craving for fall pieces) I thought it would be okay to post one more evening outfit I wore at Lake Garda. This yellow dress pops out so great on my brown skin ( I am all over white again now) so this had been my only chance this year to wear such a bright color.

I loved the ruffle details as well as the one shoulder strap. Paired the dress with wedges and a fine belt arround the waist.

 Dress – Amisu (New Yorker)
Belt – Amisu (New Yorker)
Shoes – Nine West
Bag – Guess
Headband – H&M
Wishing everybody a nice Wednesday.
We are heading out for Dinner today to a great Suhsi place. I am so so looking forward to this and I am also so hungry.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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Pullman City and Ocean Colors…..

Hi guys

about a week before we headed to Italy we went to Pullman City for a day trip so here is a quick review about it.

It is a Western City near the Bavarian Forest. In fact it is super cool. They have a Main Street like in Disneyland where are the Restaurants and stores and also the Parade comes along this way. We walked arround and took a look at the tipis and the log houses and also the gold washing area. They have an earth hole too where you can get information about the Indian tribes.

After that we watched the American History Parade on the Main Street. Pretty cool and you can really learn about the history.


And of course we had some dinner at the Mexican Restaurant. It tasted pretty awesome and also looked great.

As the weather forecast said it was going to be pretty hot I decided to go with this ouftit and I must say it wasn┬┤t a bad decision. The weather matched perfectly with a Western City.

Tube Top – Amisu (New Yorker)
Skirt – H&M
Flats -Ipanema
Bracelet – Tamaris
Ring – Bijou Brigitte
Bag – David Jones
Sunnies – Ray Ban

It is totally worth it. It┬┤s a pretty cool change not to spend the day in a shopping centre or your local place. The food was also really good too – they have a lot of different restaurants so no one has to stay hungry. The parade was great and the buildings there are soo great. The details are stunning. It makes you feel like you are really a part of it.

Have you ever been to a themd park ? And did you like it ?

Take care. See you. Love K.
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Pink and white delight….

Hi guys

as it is still surprisingly warm (about 20 to 25 degrees) these days – I couldn┬┤t be happier – well of course I could be about certain things, but it is fine so far ­čśë – and I am still trying to wear as much of summer pieces until the cold arrives. Those pants are greats for those days inbetween they are super light and comfy and not to hot. 

I paired them with one of my off-shoulder basic t-shirts from H&M – they come in 4 different colors which is great and I also like the fit and the material – and my little crossbody bag from Guess and a pair of white wedges.

Off shoulder shirt – H&M
Pants – from a croatian market
Shoes – old
Bag – Guess
Sunnies – New Yorker
Earrings – Sixx 
Take care. See you. Love K.
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