New Years Eve Hair Tutorial – go big or go home….

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,


Hello friends,

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welcome back to my blog. It is New Years Eve tomorrow and if you are still searching for a big and beautiful hair style I got you covered. I love curls in my hair and they usually last me for days so it is also super convenient. Spending 15 minutes on my hair and it lasts for about 4 to 5 days but this hair style I am sharing today is a little more time consuming. It takes about 35 minutes just to curl the hairs, no cooling and styling time added. 

But if you want extra volume and a hairstyle to impress I would say this is for you – go big or go home am I right 😉

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

I start with clean and dry hair. You can straighten it before curling if you want but I don´t think it is necessary. 

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

I part my hair in different sections about 7 (it depends on how thick your hair is and apply heat potectant spray on every layer. I am using the curl hold spray from ghd. It is supposed to support your curls to last longer and also protects your hair from the heat. After combing my hair through I start curling my hair. 

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

These are the hair clips I am using to hold every individual curl. I got them off of amazon. They are sold in sets of 50. I used about 65 for all of my curls.

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

For this style it is super important to curl really small sections of hair. About 1 cm thick but not more. That is why you have a ton of curls at the end. It also gives you the most volume. I am using the T3 Whirl Trio curling wand with the smallest barrel. I always hold my curling wand upside down and wrap my strand of hair away from the face. Hold if for about 10 seconds and as tight as possible.

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

Loosen the curl and let is slide down the wand. Then hold it until you can lay your wand aside.

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

Clip it immediately as long as it is hot and and don´t uncurl your strand of hair. It has to cool down first. Repeat the same for your whole head is what takes the most time but the more acurate you are working here the better the curls look and hold in the end.

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

That´s how it look after you are done curling. Let them set and cool for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you haven´t done your make-up before that is how I would use the time.

hairstyle, hair tutorial, New Years Eve, 2020, hair, beauty, Madame Schischi, hair care,

After removing all the hair clips this is what it looks like before combing through.

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I didn´t use a comb or brush at all. I just used my finger to comb through my hair as the curls stay tighter like this. Also adding a volume spray or hairspray or a combined product like the one I got from bed head is a must. I keeps your curls in place while they are still looking bouncy and natural.

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We are going out for an early dinner tomorrow and then head home straight after because Chloe is terriefied of the fireworks and I wouldn´t want to leave her at home alone. Also I am super tired in the evenings as the bump grows a lot these days so we are enjoying a low key New Years Eve.

Wishing everybody a great celebration and see you.


Makeup Tutorial – the nudes for everday….


Hello friends and happy Friday,
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welcome to my first ever makeup tutorial. I hope I am not doing too bad. I am sharing my recent favorite makeup look. I have never been a huge fan for nude lips as I always thought it looks a little strange blending in your lips with your makeup (cause I am all for color) but since I discovered this MAC Lipstick which still counts as a nude shade/color I am all for it. The shade is called Persistence (I would say it is a medium brown color with a warm undertone) and I also have the matching liner in the color Spice. I bought this Lip Duo as I got a gift card for the MAC store and as much as I wanted to leave with a red set I got the nude lip duo and loved it ever since.

I am wearing this color almost on a daily base and totally adore it. It had the perfect undertone to match my skincolor. I also have the Whirl lipstick but I don´t like it that much. In my opinion it is a little to harsh for me.

So here is the rest of my tutorial:

Clinique All About Eyes CreamAnti Blemish Solutions all-over clearing treatment // In the mornings after cleaning/washing my face and before putting on my make-up I use a moisturizer and an eye-cream. Both are from Clinique (currently as I am trying out new products all the time). The Clinique all about eyes cream has a rich texture which I think is perfect for the under eye region to keep it moisturized, depuffed and awake looking. The face cream I am using is the Clinique Anti Blemish solutions all-over clearing treatment. It is a light, non oily face lotion which moisturizes your skin without leaving a greasy feel. And it also helps to prevent new breakouts and clear the old ones. I have used it about a two months now and really like it. I would stick to it but i my opinion it is too light for fall and winter.

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer // After that I usually use a concealer but I skipped it here for a primer instead. I have gotten the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer in a sample size as I purchased their All Nighter setting spray and have used it ever since. It defenitely evens out your skin and makes it extra smooth. And that creates such an even look. Definitely gonna buy the big size when it´s empty.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation // The foundation I am using is the MAC studio fix in the color NC15 and I loved it since I got it. The coverage is amazing and it is buildable without looking like a mask. I got it for my wedding makeup and also used it for several other shoots. Although I have tried many more from other brands I totally adore this one.

Maybelline Fit Me Presed Powder // For additional coverage I am using the Maybelline Fit Me face powder in shade 105. I am convinced that their powder keeps my skin a lot longer matte than any other I have tried so far. 

MAC Brow Sculpt // For my eyebrows I am using the MAC Brow Sculpt in color Fling. I didn´t like it from the beginning cause I had a brow powder before and the pencil feels like a crayon but I have got used to fill in my brows with it and I would purchase it again. Also the color I got really matches my real eyebrow tone so there is no overcoloring.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara // My mascara is the Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara from essence and although it is the cheapest mascara I have ever gotten it is awesome. It creates super thick and super long lashes. One of the best drug store mascaras on the market. Lots of times it is sold out.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer // This is such a basic piece 90% of the women I know have in their makeup bag but it is also pretty versatile. You can use it as bronzer, blush or even as eyeshadow. I personally love using it as a blush for a natural look on my cheeks.

Sephora Face Shimmering Powder // For highlighting my bronzer I am using the face shimmering powder from Sephora in color 02 natural glow. It is such a pretty product. The pigmentation is incredible good and also the product itself is really pretty. 

Smashbox Cali Contour Palette // My most used shade in this palette is the lightest shade as I use it for brightening up my under eye area and also highlight my under brow section. But I also love using the two highlight shades above my blush. I have to admit I don´t use it to contour that much. 

MAC Matte LipstickMAC Lip Pencil // I love lipsticks. If I only could use a few pieces of my makeup lipsticks would always be on top. I just love to add some color to my look. Lipstick expresses my feels for the day. Do I feel great and overall happy I am mostly choosing a more bold and vibrant color. That is how I express my mood in my makeup. I have talked about this lip duo at the beginning of my post so I am not gonna rave about it again although I love it pretty much.

Wow this has been a long post. I am sorry if it was a bit too much information but these are all the products I used for this look and I wanted to at least give you some basic information why I use and like them.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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How To avoid dry skin during the winter….


Hi guys,
the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping we are
heading straight into winter. And for those couple months our skin needs
some extra care. Our skin is working really hard to stay hydrated but
with the cold and dry air outside and the warm and dry air inside most
of us need a little support. 
I am using a body scrub once a week or this exfoliating glove with a shower gel.
Here are some of my favorites I had already tried the last weeks and I won´t stop using them until Sommer is here again.

me the best I could found it the Neutrogena series. I have been using
their hand Lotion for years now and I recently found out that they have a
foot lotion and of course a body lotion.

am already convinced from their hand lotions so lets go on with the
other products – the deep moisture all in body lotion is incredible
good. The smell is really light and so fresh and it gets really quickly
into your skin so if you apply it in the morning after showering you are
able to dress up fast and you won´t get stuck in your pants and it also
doesn´t leave that sticky feeling on your skin like other oily lotions.

The foot lotion is really great too.
do have very dry feet in the winter months. I think this comes from
wearing socks and tights all the time and also your feet – or just mine
aren´t able to breath that much in boots like in sandals so they just
dry out. I do not like the smell of the foot lotion but I am keeping it
and still using it because it really helps a lot.

die Tage kürzer und werden und die Temperaturen fallen wissen wir
definitiv das es Winter ist und genau für diese paar Monate brauchen wir
spezielle Pflege für unsere Haut. Diese hat schwer zu schaffen um
unsere Haut mit Feuchtigkeit zu versorgen mit vor allem mit der kalten
Luft draußen und der warmen trockenen Luft innen. Dabei muss etwas
nachgeholfen werden.

pro Woche mache ich ein Bodypeeling mit einem dieser Loofahandschuhe
und einem Duschgel. Danach kann die Haut die Lotion besonders gut
aufnehmen. Die beste Lotion für den Winter ist für mich die Bodylotion
aus der Neutrogena Serie. Ich benutze die Handlotion schon seit Jahren
und vor ein paar Monaten habe ich herausgefunden, dass es ebenfalls eine
Fußcreme gibt. Und natürlich die Bodylotion.

ich ja bereits sehr überzeugt bin von der Handcreme (die einzige die
Florian benutzt) rede  ich mal über die anderen zwei Produkte.
Bodylotion kommt in einem Pumpspender was ich sehr praktisch finde und
ist einfach super. Sie zieht sehr schnell ein – oder meine Haut ist
einfach wahnsinnig trocken – außerdem hat sie einen angenehmen dezenten
Geruch und was für mich am wichtigsten ist – sie klebt nicht.

Fußcreme ist auch super gut. Ich habe furchtbar trockene Füße in den
Wintermonaten. Ich denke das kommt von den Socken und Strumpfhosen die
man den ganzen Winter über an hat. Wahrscheinlich bekommen sie in den
Stiefeln einfach nicht so viel Luft wie in Sandalen und trocknen
deswegen schneller aus. Der einzige Kritikpunkt ist das ich den Geruch
sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig finde, da ich sie aber vor dem Schlafengehen
benutze und ich den Geruch da nicht so mitbekomme habe ich sie trotzdem
behalten, da meine Füße davon einfach wieder weich werden.

Do you have any skincare favorites for the cold Winter months. I really would like to know.

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Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. 


How to do an undone bun…

Hi dolls,


from all of the hairstyles I like a bun the most. You may have noticed me wearing one almost all the time in my pics. 🙂 I think this kind of hair styles works so well for every kind of ocassion. You can wear it on a normal day for running errands or for work or you can wear it in the evenings with a bigger doughnut underneath for more volume and some hair accessories. So you can go from casual to glamorous within 10 minutes. Which can be essential for Parties or dinners. I know when I am hosting a party I am preparing everything until the last minutes and there is almost never time left for me to get ready so this is always a welcome solution for me.
Today I am showing you step by step how to do an undone bun. Yes undone is the new chic. It is pure understatement to look like you don´t care. Also found this in the last Instyle Germany magazine.
For this easy hairstyle you probably don´t need to leave the house cause most us got the few pieces you will need:
Hair gums



















Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.