Casual Saturday #14….

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Hi guys,

there has been going on a lot the last few days. Last Sunday we went to Munich to explore the city cause every tourist who visits our area has seen more of Munich than we did. So we spent a full day and a full night there and on the next day we drove on to the Chiemsee. A beautiful lake nearby where we rented a boat and spent some time on the water. There is going to be a post about those two days soon.
 After posting this post today I am heading out for lot´s of groceries. It is Florian´s birthday on Monday and we are celebrating with tapas and wine. I have to cook all the tapas throughout the day and make a bunch of different cookies and a cake. And of course I have to set up the decoration and the tables and everything else. Thank god I have a day off on Monday. The theme is going to be really pretty. The post will be up on Monday as soon as I have decorated.
There was a soccer game of Florian´s team on Wednesday and afterwards at Florian´s aunts birthday and we had an appointment on Tuesday and I had Line Dance on Monday and he had soccer practice on Thursday and then we went to the Beach House yesterday with some friends. So in fact the whole week was totally planned.
 I always look forward to go eating at the Beach House in Regensburg cause I love their Caesar´s salad. The chicken is super soft and the dressing tates so delicous.

In fact there hadn´t been anything else I tried this week cause there hadn´t been one free evening but I am going to have lot´s of food ideas next Saturday from the birthday pary snacks and I am making a pumpkin soup today. 

There hadn´t been too much shopping this week since I was pretty busy. I hate to say that but it really was true this time.

I got a machting dress for the birthday party decoration (that is so typical me).

I got this beautfiul striped midi skirt from mint & berry (repeat striped) on sale for 22 Euro. Although the colors are pretty light for fall this was a real steal and this is my favorite type of skirt.

Another thing I was dying to order where these pair of dark grey velvet ankle boots from Anna Field. I passed on the velvet trend last year (only got a velvet blazer) but I am totally into it this year. I also want a burgundy pair of booties with a chunky heel but these have to wait a little.

Also got a new felt hat for this years fall and winter. It is the VMDANA hat from Vero Moda. Adding a grey one to my collection cause I haven´t had one in this color. And with a price of 30 Euro you can´t go wrong that much.

Ordered these two gorgeous notebooks from Asos one with a palm print (from River Island) and the other one with a flower print from also Asos (sold out while sending it to my house) and these package of pencils from with such cute quotes to make your day. Only as cards left 🙁

So you see everything clothing is fall over here.

I also got two discount codes for two fashion websites for you guys. You can get 10% off of your purchases. Minimum is 30 €/$. 

Rosegal. com – LauraRG – LauraZF

We are still watching Pretty Little Liars – season 4 now but haven´t seen a single episode this week. Also we watched the Hercules Disney movie last Saturday. One of my favorite Disney movies ever. 

Thanks for stopping by guys. We need to do some stuff outside the house today. Started last week and I think we are going to finish this off today. Yippie

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.


Casual Saturday #11….

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Happy Saturday dolls,
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wow this was a full week of to-do´s. I had my ususal line dance class on Monday and I had to help my dad at his company on two evenings. 
I also signed in for our local fitness studio since I decided that I have to loose some weight (you might have seen from last weeks Saturday post that we are eating low carb now). So let´s sum it up.

We cooked a lot this week but I didn´t take much pictures. In fact I really forgot to take some at all. I am really sorry.

I made this incredible cauliflower pizza which tasted amazing. I was really sceptical at the beginning cause I thought this might not work at all but it turned out great.

Another thing I tried out where these Sriracha meatballs and they where awesome. I love the Flying Goose Brand sauces. They taste so good. I got the normal spicy and the garlic spicy on amazon.

And of course I made some sweets for the weekend – wait for it – peanut butter cookies. YES !! 

You might think I am going crazy but I have a bunch of pullovers this week. The prices are really low right now cause know one even thinks of fall. Navy from Zign, black Bik Bok from and pink from New Look

I also put this pair of boots in this beautiful hazelnut color from Zign on my wishlist but they really gottta wait. 
I am just feeling like summer is almost over for this year since we went on our summer vacation so early. 

Another thing I have found is this BEAUTIFUL Tommy Hilfiger shopper. It would have been the perfect accessory for 4th of July with all the stars and the red, blue and white. It is a reversable tote so you can put the inside out and you have a navy shopper. Such a cute and versatile piece. And it also has a little bag chain with a tassel and a purse for your coins.

I also got this black pair of sandals from Miss Selfridge with some butterflies on the straps. This really is a dreamy and whimsical pair of shoes.

 There hadn´t been more fashion related pieces this week but I started on finishing my office so I can finally shoot it for you and I also found some vases and a golden tray for my dressing room (but this is still gonna take a while).

I got this golden plant pots. It has this old vintage style which I love so much. There are three sizes and they are perfect for the floor or for the windowsill. 

Since we had so much to do there wasn´t that much we where watching. We saw the Bachelorette on Wednesday and I watched a movie called Seventh Son on Thursday and boy this was cool. It was a mixture of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Magical creatures, knights and much more.

So now we are heading out to get some new plants for our patio and my office. 

Have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by .

Take care. See you.


Monthly favorites April….

Hi guys,

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are back at the monthly favorites again which means another month is
over and there are pretty cool products I have found. There are a few
things planned for May. I want to get two rooms done and give you a
little tour. There are also some trips I am planning – just for a day
but sometimes you need a little difference to your every day life
especially when work is so boring at the moment.

pretty are these shoes ? I found them by coincidence cause I wasn´t
looking for them at all. I was just looking for a pair of navy shoes
(searched with a filter so the site showed my all the blue hues) and on
another note found a second pair. They are no real leather shoe but I
totally like them. I have a size 37 and they fit perfectly. The studs
match pretty good with the baby blue color. I think they really can
compete with the original and I mean for the price anyway (about 50
Euro). They are also available in red.

I found this bag online at the Mango site while I was looking for a yellow bag (finally found one but somewhere else) and it immidiately catched my eye. It has the perfect shape and size for a straw bag and have you seen the pompom´s. They are super cute and so soft. I already wanted one like this last year but I must admit I didn´t like any of them. The range wasn´t really big and I only spotted ones which where huge. Chloe could have easily slept in there. This one is great and it is only about 35 Euros. You can see it in this, this and this post.
I am really glad I had been to London in March because I have been looking for this kind of mugs for a long time. These are pretty hard to find in Germany so I ended up having none but when we found out we would fly to London I took a closer look at every interieur store they had and found these pretty mugs at the Anthropologie site. They are really heavy and good quality and they hold lots of coffee. They are about 12 Euros. But you don´t have to go on vacation for your mugs they ship internationally.
I found this by browsing through the web reading reviews of heat protection sprays. I was just looking for one who is really working and protects my hair from getting worse. It is already dry from straightening and curling to much. And I don´t know if my hair is doing any better but it doesn´t get worse so this is a win for me and I love the smell. I reminds at a Hugo Boss perfume for men. The spray has such a masculine scent.

I have to admit that I only had one item of Benefit cosmetics before and that is the Dandelion blush. I like it and use it frequently and probably would repurchase it. I got a sample of the mascara some time ago while buying the latest Elle magazine. I really was curious cause I have heard a lot about it but I had my own favorite so I wasn´t going after that but after using it for about three weeks I ended up really liking it and this one is definitely gonna be on top of my next beauty order.
This is one of the cutest decoration items I have ever purchased. So adorable. It is a candle in a pineapple shaped jar with a cover that are the leaves of the fruit. They have 4 different colors at their online store – gold, white, black and silver. I ordered the golden one for my office and the white one for my nightstand. So adorable. They are about 6 Euros (also available as a big version) and the candle is a non-scent one.
  Vintage rugs for my bedroom and dressing room
I was looking for a little rug for my dressing room. Maybe you can remember that the whole room has a pink carpet but I wanted another to lighten this up and to split the room in smaller sections. I put the rug under my make-up table and I love it. It has pink paint spatters on it so it fits perfectly.
The other one is for my bedroom (gonna do a tour for this room very soon) and I also kept it in similar colors to the room as it has a light wooden flooring and one orange wall. They are both from the same line but they look totally different and they are both so beautiful.

So if there are any more questions about items I posted feel free to ask. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 


Casual Saturday #2….

 Hi guys,

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week wasn´t so much to do like the weeks before (preparing for Easter
and getting the decoration up and the tablescpape set and the menu for
brunch) but we still did something – not only sat on the sofa.

Still watching “The good wife” and my favorite movie was on TV so I had to watch this one of course – “The devil wears Prada”. At the end I always wonder if that is how it works behind a fashion magazine. I ordered one of my favorite Disney movie on DVD. I was thinking of starting to collect all the Disney movies and give it to my future children when they would be able to watch and understand. I think that is a sweet idea.
Easter Monday we were invited at Florians´grandma´s house for lunch. I
must admit that I was really glad cause after two days of brunch I
needed a change. She had some kind of serbian sausage with garlic with a
sauce with white beans and a some sort of noodles. This sounded really
adventurous but it was delicious.

And of course I tried out 2 of my saved recipes. First of all the “Easy Garlic Italian Parmesan Rolls”. I love rolls and when they are still warm from the oven you got me. So I had to try these out. Found them on the Blog of Jennca Parcell – A Slice of Style. I really like reading her blog posts and the twins are just the cutest.

The second one is from an Instagram feed I love it is called foodguidevideos. They have short videos on how they make different meals. Once in a while I find one I am really curious about and this is one of them, the Orange Chicken with Rice.

On Thursday we went to my favorite restaurant – the Tiziano in Regensburg to celebrate Florians´ new job. I was eating the baby octopus with the stir fryed vegetables like usual. My favorite dish there.

Wow – this seems like lots of food this week !!  

I ordered two more rugs. One for the living room and the other one for our bedroom. I am into colors lately. I had that a few years ago and then I wanted everything in white and a light grey color cause this matches anything but these days I really like a splash of color.  

I wanted to set up the patio furniture we got but I got a little quenched by two snow days this week.
Didn´t do this much cause of the Easter holidays there was no training but I am at a Line Dance party tonight. So we´ll see how this is gonna be.
started on planing some one day road trips to places which are nearby
but first of all the weather has to be better. I am not going anywhere
as long as it is still snowing.

I placed a complete order on accessories at Zalando. I am really looking forward on how the pieces are. The main focus is on western buckle belts and waist belts in metallic or rose colors. Since the demand is so huge on belts this Spring and Summer.

And I got those two pretty blouses from the bonprix online shop.

The white one has red stripes and these beautiful ruffled sleeves. This also could be a spanish flamenco blouse. So dreamy.

 The black top is more like a tunic. It is longer and is has the beautiful crochet detailing on the sleeves (also wider) and on the hem. 

They are just to pretty but it is still so cold that I am wearing a blouse – cardigan/blazer combination almost every day.

I am wishing you all a nice weekend and as always thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.