Casual Saturday #11….

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Happy Saturday dolls,
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wow this was a full week of to-do´s. I had my ususal line dance class on Monday and I had to help my dad at his company on two evenings. 
I also signed in for our local fitness studio since I decided that I have to loose some weight (you might have seen from last weeks Saturday post that we are eating low carb now). So let´s sum it up.

We cooked a lot this week but I didn´t take much pictures. In fact I really forgot to take some at all. I am really sorry.

I made this incredible cauliflower pizza which tasted amazing. I was really sceptical at the beginning cause I thought this might not work at all but it turned out great.

Another thing I tried out where these Sriracha meatballs and they where awesome. I love the Flying Goose Brand sauces. They taste so good. I got the normal spicy and the garlic spicy on amazon.

And of course I made some sweets for the weekend – wait for it – peanut butter cookies. YES !! 

You might think I am going crazy but I have a bunch of pullovers this week. The prices are really low right now cause know one even thinks of fall. Navy from Zign, black Bik Bok from and pink from New Look

I also put this pair of boots in this beautiful hazelnut color from Zign on my wishlist but they really gottta wait. 
I am just feeling like summer is almost over for this year since we went on our summer vacation so early. 

Another thing I have found is this BEAUTIFUL Tommy Hilfiger shopper. It would have been the perfect accessory for 4th of July with all the stars and the red, blue and white. It is a reversable tote so you can put the inside out and you have a navy shopper. Such a cute and versatile piece. And it also has a little bag chain with a tassel and a purse for your coins.

I also got this black pair of sandals from Miss Selfridge with some butterflies on the straps. This really is a dreamy and whimsical pair of shoes.

 There hadn´t been more fashion related pieces this week but I started on finishing my office so I can finally shoot it for you and I also found some vases and a golden tray for my dressing room (but this is still gonna take a while).

I got this golden plant pots. It has this old vintage style which I love so much. There are three sizes and they are perfect for the floor or for the windowsill. 

Since we had so much to do there wasn´t that much we where watching. We saw the Bachelorette on Wednesday and I watched a movie called Seventh Son on Thursday and boy this was cool. It was a mixture of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Magical creatures, knights and much more.

So now we are heading out to get some new plants for our patio and my office. 

Have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by .

Take care. See you.

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