Casual Saturday #14….

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Hi guys,

there has been going on a lot the last few days. Last Sunday we went to Munich to explore the city cause every tourist who visits our area has seen more of Munich than we did. So we spent a full day and a full night there and on the next day we drove on to the Chiemsee. A beautiful lake nearby where we rented a boat and spent some time on the water. There is going to be a post about those two days soon.
 After posting this post today I am heading out for lot´s of groceries. It is Florian´s birthday on Monday and we are celebrating with tapas and wine. I have to cook all the tapas throughout the day and make a bunch of different cookies and a cake. And of course I have to set up the decoration and the tables and everything else. Thank god I have a day off on Monday. The theme is going to be really pretty. The post will be up on Monday as soon as I have decorated.
There was a soccer game of Florian´s team on Wednesday and afterwards at Florian´s aunts birthday and we had an appointment on Tuesday and I had Line Dance on Monday and he had soccer practice on Thursday and then we went to the Beach House yesterday with some friends. So in fact the whole week was totally planned.
 I always look forward to go eating at the Beach House in Regensburg cause I love their Caesar´s salad. The chicken is super soft and the dressing tates so delicous.

In fact there hadn´t been anything else I tried this week cause there hadn´t been one free evening but I am going to have lot´s of food ideas next Saturday from the birthday pary snacks and I am making a pumpkin soup today. 

There hadn´t been too much shopping this week since I was pretty busy. I hate to say that but it really was true this time.

I got a machting dress for the birthday party decoration (that is so typical me).

I got this beautfiul striped midi skirt from mint & berry (repeat striped) on sale for 22 Euro. Although the colors are pretty light for fall this was a real steal and this is my favorite type of skirt.

Another thing I was dying to order where these pair of dark grey velvet ankle boots from Anna Field. I passed on the velvet trend last year (only got a velvet blazer) but I am totally into it this year. I also want a burgundy pair of booties with a chunky heel but these have to wait a little.

Also got a new felt hat for this years fall and winter. It is the VMDANA hat from Vero Moda. Adding a grey one to my collection cause I haven´t had one in this color. And with a price of 30 Euro you can´t go wrong that much.

Ordered these two gorgeous notebooks from Asos one with a palm print (from River Island) and the other one with a flower print from also Asos (sold out while sending it to my house) and these package of pencils from with such cute quotes to make your day. Only as cards left 🙁

So you see everything clothing is fall over here.

I also got two discount codes for two fashion websites for you guys. You can get 10% off of your purchases. Minimum is 30 €/$. 

Rosegal. com – LauraRG – LauraZF

We are still watching Pretty Little Liars – season 4 now but haven´t seen a single episode this week. Also we watched the Hercules Disney movie last Saturday. One of my favorite Disney movies ever. 

Thanks for stopping by guys. We need to do some stuff outside the house today. Started last week and I think we are going to finish this off today. Yippie

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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