How to add that Western Stlye into your Daily Outfits….


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I have always loved the Western fashion long before it got trendy in any kind of way but we have been watching Yellowstone recently and I have gobbling up all the amazing looks from the actors and decided to incorporate more of my favorite pieces into my everyday looks. You don´t have to go full on cowboy but can still wear these.

I am sharing my Pullman City looks as well again. It was a head to toe Western theme you do not have to follow but you can get some inspo from there and eventually add some of those great pieces to your wardrobe too.


Pullman City Western Styles I have worn



How to incorporate Western pieces into your daily style

Now this is the tricky part – what to wear every day ?? In fact you can add everything into your daily style just in moderation. One or two pieces are enough if you just wnat to point it the right direction.

Pieces to incorporate


– bootcut jeans

– plaid shirts

– shearling coats

– flowy maxi dresses (preferred with a millefleurs or plaid print)

– vests

– denim button up

– suede leather skirt

– graphic shirts



– boots

– hats

– belts with western themed buckles

– turquoise jewelry

– printed scarves-



– horse print

– paisley of course

– actez print

– plaid



– suede

– leather

– fleece


The color palette is also very important here. If you want to fit it I would highly suggest to stick to earthy tones like all hues of brown, rust or orange and an olive shade of green.

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