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I have gifted my husband a 24 hrs stay in Pullman City for his birthday in September. Pullman City is a Western Town and as close as you can get in our area to a Western lifestyle. I definitely loved going there in the Fall cause Western looks just look best in the Autumn. 

We tried to do everything they offer and got around pretty good but let´s break it down for you, so if you are interested you can spend your own 24 hours in the coolest western city around. 


Where to stay

There are different places to stay. It just depends on the experience you want to have. There are two different hotels – the Palace Hotels (where we stayed) and the Hacienda Hotel. If you are up for the real western experience you can stay at a tipi or at a log cabin, but there are no bathrooms there. You have to go to the bath house to shower and to go to the toilet. 

Another thing that is new are the country houses. These are new and I have never seen them before. They are like tiny houses and are very modern looking. So if you are just looking for a normal place to stay this would be your preference.

We stayed at the Palace Hotel and from the moment I went into the lobby to the moment we checked-out it was the whole western experience. I have loved the look of it and every detail so so much. It definitely was like you stepped into a western movie. 

There is one office right outside the park where you can check-in and -out and get your key.

Breakfast is buffet at the Black Bison Saloon for all the guests from the different hotels but it has to be booked separate.

We stayed in the President Suite at the Palace Hotel and it was the most authentic lobby and room I have ever seen in my life. Disney could have not done it better.


Where to eat

There are several restaurants on but not always open. This depends on what months you are visiting and also if you are visiting on the weekend or during the week. 

You can eat at the Black Bison Saloon, the Rodeo Steakhouse, the Cantina Mexicana, Scarlett´s Restaurant, a coffee place and also a cocktail bar.

We have had lunch at the Black Bison Saloon many many times so we went to Scarlett´s for lunch this time and had dinner at the Cantina Mexicana.

Scarlett´s – Baked Potatoe with Turkey and Salad / Western Burger

Black Bison Saloon – Western Pan / Turkey Salad / Pullman Giant Burger XL / Baked Potatoe with Beefstrips

Cantina Mexicana – Enchilada Roja Chili / Chili con Carne / Ensalada Scampi / Guacamole

Shows to watch

Wild West Show – Horseback riding and Indian dancing as well as thomahawk throwing. 

The Great Pullman City Show – Dive into the Wild West of America – 

Indian Culture and Mythologie – Learn more about the Indian life and culture of the different tribes then and now.

On weekends you can also watch the American History Show and also join in for several other things like Line Dance Workshops and torchlight hikes.


What else to do

– visit the buildings on Main Street (you can walk into a lot of them like the jail for example)

– shop on Main Street (there are several really cool stores to have a look at)

– take a ride on the carriage (it is 3,50 per person but a great experience

– shooting range

– horseback riding

– panning for gold

– riding lessons

– billiard

– torchlight hikes

– line dance lessons


For kids

– huge adventurous playground

– water play area

– kids club in the huge tipi with drawing and arts and crafts

– riding ponies

– panning for gold

– choo choo train

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