How to add that Wild West Flair to your Living Room…


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I love home deocr. It is my second passion after fashion and I love to change the decor in our home but mostly just swap out some pieces to keep it fitting into my main decor theme.

Lately I have been loving anyhting Western or Wild West themed and I wanted to incorporate more of this up and coming trend into my living room style.

How to add some Western Chic to your Living Room


The first materials that come to my mind are leather, cow hide, denim and wood. 



There are several pattern I have loved and I would also try to incorporate. Of course everything in moderation to give it that Wild West flair. It can look tacky pretty quick. First of all a cow spots pattern is a classic. Another pattern but very underrated and often not thought about is a native american pattern (hopefully I am not offending anyone but I just didn´t know how else to call it). Horses of course are amazing.


I would say the typical colors to incorporate are hues of brown from wood and horses, dark orange form the stones, dark green from the little fresh trees which are left, turquoise from the lakes and skies and beige from the pampas grass. 



I would guess that there wasn´t much greenery in the Wild West so we go with pampas grass here, as well as cactuses.

Typical Wild West Pieces

I´d say a cow skull or buffallo somewhere on a picture or as a sculpture. 


So this is how our living room looks at the moment. I am very pleased how it has turned out. I have always loved the Western theme and movies, colors and clothes so it was about time to add this little decor changes to our home.

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