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Hi guys,
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these days everybody is strinving to get healthy, be healthy or stay healthy. I think this is a huge theme which needs to be covered here, cause we are all practicing self-care for every part of our body (like face creams and face masks and more skincare and haircare and manicures and pedicures etc.) so why not for the inside too.

First and foremost I have to say I am no doctor and don´t have any medical knowledge. I am just sharing this here cause in my opinion it has helped me a lot and I think you can´t do much wrong by taking daily supplements but if you have any intolereances be sure to check on that first.
 So here is what I am taking:
Vitamin C // If you know my eating habits you know why I am taking these. I eat vegetables and fruit but I really don´t like much of them. Maybe eight out of hundreds which makes it really hard for my body to filter enough vitamins from the meals I eat. In my opinion there is nothing wrong in taking vitamin C supplements (also known as ascorbic acid). It mainly boosts you immune system and protects your blood cells from germs but also supports your body to filter the iron out of your food
Omega 3 // These are fish oil pill supplements and I have to admit my first thought was if they taste like fish I can´t take them cause this is just to gross for mornings. They don´t taste like anything at all. They open up in your stomach so I think you will never know how the inside tastes. I have read about these a few weeks ago at Jessi Afshin´s blog The Darling Detail. I always thought Omega 3 supplements were only to help your heart and also support yor cardiovascular system which isn´t bad either, I am just not in need of that now, but as it turns out they are perfect for hair growth and glowing skin too. So I am taking one a day.
Zinc // I am using these because my beautician who does my facials told me to take them in order to get clearer skin. I have a full skincare post coming up soon but I have some more questions for her first. She said that zinc would be amazing for acne troubled skin so I have been using the capsules for a while now and I think they really help. I have had two other apointments since my treatment started and she also admitted that my skin got a lot better. Taking two, one in the morning and one at night.
Biotin // This is the beauty vitamin (or also called Vitamin B7) and I have taken this for a long time now. I think almost two years. You body needs biotin to produce healthy nails, skin and hair and also to keep your nervous system in balance. 
I am taking one a day.
Collagen Peptides // I recently started taking this and I am not sure quite now. I have seen that Katey from Chronicles of Frivolity let hers dissolve in her morning coffee but I just can´t do that. I am drinking it with water and a spritz of lemon juice which tastes quite good. It resolves totally and doesn´t taste strange at all. Not also is it a great support for your skin, hair and nails but it´s also supposed to help you with your joints. I do have shoulder issues on a regular base so this would be a great solution for me if this actually helps. But, yes there is a big BUT. Consistency is key here. I think you won´t notice a different if you are not complementing your collagen drink into your daily routine. 

Same goes with all the other products as well. I have been taking them over a long period now and I start to notice a different in my skin (in combination with a lot of water intake everyday and a facial every month). In the end you have to try and find out what´s best for your body as everyone acts different (also this is in no way a recplacement for a healthy lifestyle).

Maybe I could help a little today in terms of getting healthier or staying healthy. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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