The Rainbow Maxi Dress…

Dress bonprix


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Isn´t this the most beautiful dress you have seen in a while ??!! I mean how gorgeous are the colors. I have put it on and Emilia immediately said I look like a pretty rainbow. Definitely felt like one but in a good way.

I always try to incorporate more neutral pieces into my wardrobe but to be honest this is a colorful account and I am loving all the vibrant colors for Summer. It is how it is. This will never be a neutral style site. 

Let´s move on to this adroable maxi dress. The silhouette is as pretty as the colors. You can wear it off-shoulder so the collar drops straight but also like little sleeves which creates a waterfall collar. Both options are equally pretty. The belt accentuates the waist and breaks up the dress so it also looks good on shorter people.

You can incorporate accessories in every color cause there is always one that fits. I went with pink and orange. 

I usually like to wear my dresses all day every day but this one is definitely more on the dressy side so I would recommend to wear out to dinner, on date nights or maybe also to a beach wedding.


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