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Emilia is going to be seven months next week. Seven months – what in the world. The time with her has been pure bliss but also a huge learning curve. Getting to know her and what she likes and wants and of course we got some help of incredible procuts we learned to love and couldn´t live without.

Sleepyhead // The european version of the Dockatot. A really great bassinet to put your newborn and take it everywhere with you. We used it a ton around the house and to put her to sleep at night. Also not cheap but since we used it so much and will use it for further children it has paid for itself.

Bugaboo Donkey Duo // The stroller of my dreams. Literally. I have wanted this for the longest time and when it finally was my turn I was so happy that the yellow options were still available. It costs a small fortune but is so flexible and I think it will serve us years to come. 

Foam play mat // The foam mat came in very handy the day she started to turn on her own. I could not keep her on the sofa cause it was to dangerous for her to fall down so I got this play mate and she loves it. 

Bottle drying grass // Very convenient if you have the place for it on your kitchen counter. It does the work for you.

Breathing monitor // This has been our holy grail item. It tracks the breathing and sets of an alarm if there hasn´t been any movement for the last 10 seconds. It definitely gives me a piece of mind and helps us sleep better.

Maxi Cosi Car Seat // A staple everybody needs. We went with the Maxi Cosi Rock and have been very happy with our choice. It holds up very well and also has a newborn insert. For now I have stored it away cause we moved on to a permanet car seat already.

Maxi Cosi car seat cover // This cover has been most helpful in times of Covid. I used it everytime we had an doctors appointment or some outing with lot´s of people around.

Bottle Warmer // The WMF bottle warmer not only looks good and blends well in with the other kitchen appliances it also holds any kind of bottle brand and has 4 other functions like reaheating small and large bottles, express reheating and thawing breast milk.

Portable white noise mashine // Took this with us everywhere we went it the beginning. She slept so well with the white noise being turned on all the time.

Night Light // The night light is probably our most used item. I already had it in the hospital with me and it was super useful and still is for night feedings.

Bathing seat // She has already outgrown her first bathing seat but I think this was a great one. Very practical and also affordable. Plus it doesn´t look comfortable but the structure is soft indeed.

Baby Björn bouncer // The bouncer has been very useful for me to get things around the house done. I would sit her in there and take her to any room with me. She really liked it a lot and would often fall asleep. It is a little pricey for a bouncy chair but it folds very flat so you could store it under the sofa or on the closet plus you can turn it inside out and it will function as a seat for toddlers.

Backseat mirror // Perfect if you are driving alone and want to see what your little one is up to on the backseat.

Swaddles // Can´t have enough of these. I use them as spit cloths and blankets in the Summer.

Philips Avent bottle sterilizer // I have been pumping since week six or so and this sterilizer has been a huge help in cleaning bottles plus it holds a ton of equipment. 

Motorola baby monitor // We haven´t used the monitor for the first few months cause she was naping right beside me or in her stroller most of the time. But it has become quite handy the last few weeks. I wanted a monitor to see what happens and it turns out to be right cause she always starts to move first before she starts babbling or crying. 

Hauck side bed // Great for higher beds too cause you can adjust the height. Emilia still sleeps in it every night and I don´t want to switch her in the foreseable future.

Motoric ball // This has been the first toy she actively grabbed and played with. Still one of our favorties.

Teething toy fox // Since her little teeth started coming in this has been a huge favorite. It is made of silicone and perfect to chew on, also how cute is the fox motive.

These have been our absolute favorites for the last six months. Everathing I have pictured above was worth it to get and has made our life much easier.

I am wishing everybody a great weekend with tons of Fall activities. See you on Monday

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